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UT game at 2:30 on Fox

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by don, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. sorry if already posted.

    let's whack em.
  2. I thought it was already a set time. At least the 2:30 start gives us time to tailgate and do homecoming stuff late morning and early afternoon.
  3. Good. Still have time to take my kid to Monster Jam at Jerry World at 7.
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  4. So does OU just have a standing reservation on that 11:00 AM timeslot or something? Sheesh, anyone complaining about our kickoff times needs to check their's out. FIVE straight morning kickoffs.
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  5. They will probably get paid back in November with all night games. Probably the best time to have prime time exposure anyways. They play ISU, BU, TCU, OSU
  6. In before scheiss UT!
  7. I’ll take those daytime games in November!
  8. Coldest game I’ve ever been to in my life was Tech vs KState in Lubbock in November at night, just after a huge snow and ice storm. Absolutely brutal.
  9. Take headphones!
  10. Was it worth it? Did Tech get beat?
  11. Is the play-by-play on WBAP?
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  12. High temp forecast on 10/26 is 69 and sunny
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  13. Nice. Nice...
  14. Tech smoked them that year if I remember correctly. We didn’t stay the whole time, not many people did. It was brutal.
  15. Did you take a picture of the empty seats and post it on their board?
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  16. Fox has moved its big games to 11 a.m. to counter ABC/ESPN having big night games.

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