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UT band is out

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by froginmn, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. glad you asked. few know this but CDC is very active on killerfrogs, even now after he took the UT job. anyway - during covid he saw the posts from thisisourtime and boom - he suddenly realized his liberal sin and instantly converted to christianity. he was baptized at Barton creek in July in a small ceremony.
  2. There appears to be no limitations on the concocted offenses being contrived by certain segments

    in today's society. These ploys of harassment will continue unabated until they no longer generate

    their desired reaction and the public has finally had enough. Perhaps, the UT band might consider

    'Dixie' as a suitable substitute.
  3. The band kiddos and current athletes are the future is what I am saying. THEY have the power to make those decisions, and they are doing what they can to change what they see. Right or Wrong. You and I, we are a part of that discussion, but their beliefs are not something we can influence. As I see it, there are more important things to worry about on that campus than some dumb fight song. If they can give up the yearly rivalry with Aggy, they can get used to changing the fight song.
  4. so their beliefs are more important than someone elses?
  5. What was old is new again. We’re shifting back from weighting the value of individual self-determination and liberty to weighting the value of an elite cadre to save the rank and file individuals from themselves. Sports!
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  6. Tell me about it. I read somewhere there were people upset about a football announcer making a sarcastic quip about flyovers. Could you imagine?
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  7. Isn’t it always that way? Aren’t someone’s beliefs always more important than others? Why isn’t Michigan playing Notre Dame every year anymore? Someone believed that the fame wasn’t important, so, poof, no more game.

    If the band and athletes get their way, they will get it likely because they are willing to accept the consequences for their actions, and galvanize their movement to shift away from using that song. I don’t care either way, but tbey are the ones with a card to play and they are playing it.
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  8. don't know whether this is accurate or not, but just saw a release that said the Eyes of Texas WILL be played at the game, but by way of a recording, not the band. Interesting.
  9. Racist [ Arschloch]s
  10. I can’t wait for the recruits to drop when they hear that a bunch of old white men with money force players to sing a silly song that they don’t want to sing.
  11. similar to chubba not playing at ok state this year or ok state not landing any black recruits
  12. Then there is the case of the dearly departed Caucasian Jake from State Farm...
  13. will the khakis soon follow?

    sure in some way they symbolize something about imperialism and colonialism
  14. I don’t understand this reference but I liked that commercial the first three times I saw it. Less so the next 375 times.
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  15. Why does anyone on the TCU message board care what songs people do or don’t wanna sing or play in Austin? In my super strong opinion, any strong opinions about this topic are silly or questionable at best. BTW uT sucks a tiny D.
  16. White Jake was replaced by more culturally sensitive black Jake after all the riots...
  17. Did not know this. Whatever...State Farm has crappy over-priced products.
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  18. 9154AF52-5229-4D51-99D0-E7060AB87981.jpeg I saw this in front of my house today and I am literally shaking. How can I live in a place that allows this racist to drive on our streets?
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  19. Saved 3000 annually on home and car insurance by moving away from them after 20 years.
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  20. What does that mean?

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