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UT band is out

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by froginmn, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. You mean the literal vacuum created by the liberal elites turning on one another to appear then most woke? Nobody could’ve predicted this happening. Never. Nobody ever.
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  2. I hope the Baylor band plays it.
  3. I wish UT was playing Rice this weekend. NOW THAT would be a halftime worth watching to see what the MOB would do with this.
  4. Now that would be funny. Would pay to see.
  5. Think that the TCU band is clever enough to play it on Saturday? It's OH, You! week, you know.

    Play the first stanza, then fall down...:p
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  6. CDC is pretty much a Leftie. He’s still under a lot of pressure but considering his politics there is some irony in the situation
  7. ive heard that during covid CDC found jesus and also the republican party.
  8. Now that would be epic. I might actually be proud of Baylor for doing it.
  9. The thing of it is, our country is about the future, always has been. There are points where people TRY to hold onto the past, but change is inevitable. As we get older the things we have grown accustomed to, the traditions we hold dear, will most likely change because the young "woke" folks come around and change it to fit THEIR view of the future.

    Hamilton, Adams and company were babies when they decided British rule was the Past. None of them had to move to the colonies. There were enough like them that saw that British rule was not the future for their colonies. These kids are no different in wanting to change a tradition that they feel represents the past and not the future they envision.

    We have casually accepted so much change in college football that is much more mind-boggling than some stupid song. The fact that A&M and Texas don't play each other every year would be #1 on my Texas Ex Priority list, and not this.
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  10. That's what happens when you recruit a bunch of 4 and 5 star musicians
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. "And now, the MOB will perform in honor of the Glorious Leader of the Chinese People..."
  14. Tell us more...
  15. this isn't about college football and it isn't about the future, but changing the current because of a past that didn't exist

    there is no proof the group singing the song for the first time wore black face, merely speculation, just as it is conjecture that the meaning of the phrase "the eyes of texas are upon you" are a derivative of something said by robert e lee

    the easiest way to repeat the sins of the past is to try to change the past while in the present for the future
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  16. How does Texas get a great football coach to follow Herman and deal with this wackiness? (the struggle between boosters/alums who stand for tradition and the woke players, etc. who won't stand for the school song)
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  17. Texas must have consulted the chart
  18. bettern trump fascism.

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