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USA Today: Longtime TCU commit Jared Kelley switches pledge to Texas

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. USA Today: Longtime TCU commit Jared Kelley switches pledge to Texas

    By: Quinton Martinez, Corpus Christi Caller-Times

    Refugio junior pitcher Jared Kelley, who has been committed to TCU since he was a freshman, announced on his Twitter account that he has de-committed from the Horned Frogs and has instead pledged to the University of Texas.

    “Made a visit today and couldn’t help but feel right at home! Thank you to TCU for offering me at such a young age but my heart has always been with the Longhorns! Happy to announce i will be attending the University of Texas to further my education and baseball career! #hookem,” the tweet stated.

    Read more at https://usatodayhss.com/2019/jared-kelley-decommits-tcu-commits-to-texas
  2. Is this kid ever going to see any college campus? I thought he was one of the top HS pitching prospects and a 1st rounder out of HS?
  3. Enjoy losing if you play for the Longhorns. Longhorns really made a great showing last season, must of been the deciding factor.
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  4. This happened like 6 months ago so no idea how this article just happened. I’d say the chances of this kid ever throwing a college pitch are under 10% and that’s being generous.

    Edit ..... Jan 11th to be exact. Solid reporting by Mr Martinez. I assume he’ll be working for the Star Telegram soon.
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  5. The starting possibility for anyone is much tougher at a school with better pitchers on campus. UTerus is a better fit. He'd never see the mound at TCU, probably.

    The entire thing is old (Moose got Martinez on that), and silly, too.
  6. are you serious? I don't think he is ever showing up on campus but from what I have been told - if he did, there is little doubt he would be starter wherever he went. Maybe not exactly the same type of pitcher, I get the impression his expectations for the future would be similar to Lodolo
  7. Ah, too bad...Did anybody bring dip!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor and Texas U and USA Yesterday News
  8. Meaning getting drafted?
  9. He’s 6’6 and throws up to 99 at 17 years old. He could pitch for any team in the country.
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    Yes. Kids like this don’t get out of the first round (assuming he wants to sign and stays healthy).
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  11. Thanks. I don’t follow baseball recruiting at all so I was just hoping horns don’t end up with him in the end.
  12. The odds are HEAVILY stacked against them. 5th ranked player in the 2020 draft class by Perfect Game for whatever that’s worth.
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  13. Then congrats on their new “commitment!”
  14. Seems like it's a recruiting week for the Longhorns and they need some momentum. Like throughout history they have no problem trying to raise themselves up by sacrificing TCU (late reporting).
  15. A right-handed Benedict Arnold with a 0.24 ERA

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