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Updated Projected 2020 Football Depth Chart

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. I edited this from Wyoming Frog earlier this Spring

    OFFENSE - Add Coach Kill as the Insurance Policy, Coach "I wear my sunglasses at Night" Meacham w/ a Red Bull in hand calling in plays please, Cumbie back up in the box, and Jarrett Anderson back cracking the whip on the O-Line.

    OT - COKER (1)
    Storment (4) <--- May be the starter on the other Tackle then move Myers inside.
    Williams (1)

    OG - W/HARRIS (3)
    Lantz (2)
    Nichols (1)

    C - McMILLON (3)
    Hayes (1)
    Avila (2)

    OG - Q/WHITE (3)
    Brown (1)
    A/Barlow (1)

    OT - MYERS (4)
    Coleman (2)
    Dike (2)
    Guyton (1)

    QB - DUGGAN (2)
    Downing (On Scholarship Now) (2)
    S/Brown (2)
    Wilson Long (Maybe) (1)

    RB - D/BARLOW (1)
    Zach Evans (5 Star Alert) (1) <--- I suspect they are going to run this guy until the wheels fall off.
    Demarcado (3)
    Foster (1) <---- What's going here with this guy? 100 TDs in High School. Are we just that deep? Answer: Yes
    K/Miller (1)

    FB - Carter Ware (3) - This guy plays like a boss. Gary needs to give him constant praise in my opinion. He's a tone setter if you watch him out there.

    WR - STEPHENS (3)
    Q/Johnston (1)
    Nowell (1)

    WR - HUNT (3) <--- Josh Doctson 2.0 Breakout Season in 2020? Baylor game last year gave us hope.
    S/Williams (1)
    Medford (1)

    WR - JD Spielman (Superstar Alert) (4)
    D/Thomas (4) <--- Gary loves him some Dylan Thomas. Let's hope he has a great season!
    A/DAVIS (3)
    Conwright (1)

    WR - BARBER (3)
    D/Davis (3)
    Barkley (1)

    TE - WELLS (3)
    Lynn (4)
    A/Williams (1)

    Kicker - Kell (2) Hoping for Oberkrom 2.0 here and it probably will be so!
  2. Tazy alert with this version:

  3. Look at just the pure talent on this team plus our home schedule getting the hard Big XII teams in Fort Worth this Fall... We need to play this Fall, they could pull off a championship.

    Also... If the Big XII is going to 50% occupancy, that game at WVU that won't be cold this time around doesn't look that bad. AND with TCU reducing their capacity at home to 50% with the renewals we had it will be that much harder for OU and OSU fans to get tickets in The Carter. Also no opposing teams' bands in our stadium this year. Don't be shocked if TCU goes right back up the college football food chain this year.
  4. It would be terrible to lose an even year.
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  5. Defense looks loaded outside of defensive end which is still a ?
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  6. Leaguecityfrog - Wyomingfrog. Both the same person. I find it humorous you reply to your own post! What a loser! No life! Ha,ha!!
  7. BrewingFrog would tell you I'm not Wyoming Frog. Ive been on here for a while and have never had one negative mark. He or she, aka Wyoming Frog, started a similar thread about when I did. I'm not a loser, I'm far from it. I also love TCU football and want us to win another Big XII title. Go Frogs.
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  8. Weird take. Leaguecity frog has contributed, Wyomingfrog has not.
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  9. Lol they have already said no fans. Its 50 50 we even play at all at this point
  10. Source?
  11. No fans has been a done deal for a while. Go find your own source
  12. As of right now, if the State of Texas holds the line, all Texas college stadiums will be at 50% capacity for this coming football season.

    There hasn't been a change here. Could change, but as of right now it is still 50% capacity allowed.

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  13. That was written a month ago. Since then bars have been shut down and gatherings over 100 prohibited
  14. Yeah, if we go to a football game, we're all gonna die with blood squirting out of our eyeballs...
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  15. What's the fun in posting on this board without getting some negative marks?!?!
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  16. Gatherings of over 100 are absolutely NOT prohibited. Local governments are allowed to give consent for such gatherings to occur. And before you respond with something that will inevitably be wrong, I'm 100% certain I'm correct because I've been attending Texas Collegiate League baseball games with several hundred to close to 2000 fans in attendance ALL MONTH.
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  17. Football games with 25,000 fans are not allowed get that through your thick skull. And im glad you enoyed your baseball games. You will suffer the consequences by not being able to go to football games and no matter what you say or how much you cry it wont change that
  18. Everything you just wrote is gibberish and your original comment is still wrong.
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  19. Care, to place a wager? I guarantee you 100% we will not have fans if we have a FALL season. If we do I wont post here ever again. If not you dont post here again. Put up or shut up

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