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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. I’ve gotten very wobbly lately and have fallen a few times. No injures but lots of embarrassment

    So after I fell yesterday and my wife called 911 to help me up, she bought me a walker

    It’s not my idea of where my life should be right now but I guess if it keeps me from falling face first into the floor It’ll be worth it

    Tell Dutch I have these damned skates laced up as tight as I can
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  2. Keep up the good humor and know we all have good karma going your way, for what that’s worth.

    ‘What is your life. It is but a vapor that appears for a time and then vanishes.’
    Life is short, eternity is forever. Those who believe will live forever. You and God are in the universe to stay...
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  3. Continuing to pray for you Wes. Your optimism and NEGU attitude is extremely inspiring.
  4. Well, that definitely sucks.

    As for walkers, they have fancy ones like a tricycle that have wheels and a handbrake if you are inclined to race. Or with the traditional walker, you can hang a basket to hold your beer and ribs as you move around.

    Prayers out to you.
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    This one will get me around. I just don’t want to fall again or hear my wife tell me how hot those firemen were
  6. I have purchased a few of those for my Dad, who is a spry 91. The latest had a snazzy paint job, and a sticker denoting it as an 'F-22'...

    Dad just laughed when I suggested some flames on the front legs above the wheels.
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  7. Every day, my friend!

    I pray for you literally EVERY day!


    Go Frogs!
  8. Wes, you're doing this in the exact right way. Focus on what you need, not on how you'd like things to be.

    Regarding the selection of a walker, make sure you consult someone well aware of your situation so that they get you the correct type. When my dad needed a walker I thought the four wheel type was best (my mom had used both so we had access to either). Because he wasn't as stable, though, the medical staff I spoke with recommended a two wheel device. Point being, there are many people out there who can help with every decision, so use their expertise rather than trying to do it yourself.

    Good luck with everything and NEGU.
  9. If you were here, we would arrange to have Show Girls come pick you up.
  10. Wes, my mother was not happy about getting a walker, but after a day in the hospital after falling face first on the ground, she was glad to have it.

    Oh, and Steelfrog sends his prayers and invocations.
  11. Wes, sounds like another thing to look forward to after a full recovery. Keep your head up. Literally. If you don't it means the walker didn't serve its intended purpose.
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  12. Next time request the ugly firemen. Or the hot firewomen.

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  13. Wes, I was a fireman for nearly 30 years. We assisted lots of folks in your situation and it was never a bother. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you need help. You've paid property taxes your whole life and are certainly entitled to getting a little something in return now; let them help...God bless you.

    And remember, it could always be worse. You could be a Frog baseball player.
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  14. Stay strong brother #NEGU
  15. In Wes’s case, his life has become a vapor characterized by a high concentration of methane.
  16. Wes, rest assured that many of us have you in our prayers. Stay strong and Godspeed.
  17. Wes, hows the hearing? Is it better? Sorry if I missed a previous update.
  18. Hey Wes. We have never formally met but I am 38 and I have used a walker in the past (I now use a Cane sometimes). It is what it is my friend. NEGU and keep fighting the good fight
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