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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 6, 2019.

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    like I said none of this will happen until next spring but I want to get some great items so that we can raise as much money as possible for Coooks

    Here is a glimpse of what I am working on but only have a commitment from one, so far

    One pair ofboots and I am working on a second pair from another company

    In a fornrmer life I must have been a cowboy because most items are western themed but hey, we’re in Texas so why not?

    Jeans from 34 Hetitage , a high end jean manufacturer. Look ‘ em up. I’d love a pair but won’t be winng these if they give them to us

    Yeti coolers and drink wear ( if if purple). Who doesn’t need a yeti? All they can say is no and they haven’t said it yet

    Purple Western shirts. Ya gotta wear something with those boots

    Pretty much anything purplethat hopefully says TCU on it
    Something from the King Ranch Saddle shop. Not a lot of purple and they are all Aggies down there but they have some great items and I am tugging at heartstrings with Micah’s story

    Give me time on this is one.

    Various Horned Frog items from a guy in New Mexico

    I have a pair of his cuff links. He’s always showing items at the stock show. I’ll wear the ciuff links but not sure about the bolo tie

    However he does hava great horned Frog hat band which I have on my cowboy hat

    If you guys can think of something that you’d like for me to pursue, I’ll go after it

    All they can say is no and no one has said it yet

    Wish I could get a pair of custom fitted TCU BOOTS but that’s going to be a tough one as they are expensive so don’t hold your breath but you never know, they might surprise me

    Ok. Moreas iit develops. This will take me some time but it gives me a mission and a goal and I do better when I have a goal to work towards
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    There is s line of mattresses and Pillows called purple and they are purple. I haven’t used them but reviews indicate they are great. Since I am in bed all the time now, I think I’ll try a pillow and then see if I can get them to give at least a pillow. Getting a mattress might be hard but a pillow could be easy and if the obvious purple Yirvin wit h TCU DOESNT do it then they are missing out
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  3. I have always thought a really cool framed aerial photo of the TCU campus would be great.

    They could sell those at the bookstore and make a lot of money. It would look great on our walls.

    I have one for the medical center where I did medical school and one for the medical center where I did my residency training. They look great. A high quality aerial shot of the TCU campus has been elusive.
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  4. I like the real old aerial photos of campus. They used to have one at the original fuzzys, it might still be there. You can make out The Carter and University Drive but really have to study the other landmarks.
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  5. Even better would be the double matted and framed old aerial photo combined with the current aerial photo.
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  6. maybecwe can get a KEITH ROBINSON in a helicopterand let hiimbsnap away

    Seriously,that’s a great idea and I’ll start digging around looking for one
  7. It’s all drones nowadays.
  8. All you had to do was ask.

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  9. That’s cool but I meant a more traditional aerial photo that is like a birds eye view from an angle where you can actually see the buildings from a bit of a side view. Like the downtown cityscape views of various downtowns. Not a satellite type view.
  10. That was the joke.... Just a Google maps screen capture.

    I apparently need to work on my sarcasm.
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  11. Sorry it went right past me. As someone who uses sarcasm a lot, I am embarrassed.
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  12. I thought it was a Fletch reference

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  13. Like this? Morphed google map. ;-)

    I agree. An up to date east side stadium expansion shot, from an actual camera, would be cool.

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  14. could we raffle away the power to ban a person for a year? highest bid gets to ban whoever they choose.
  15. What about some tailgating gear? Nothing specific in mind, but maybe some purple or TCU logo stuff like chairs, canopies, grills, grilling utensils, cornhole sets, flagpoles and flags, etc. You mentioned YETI coolers already. A factory made TCU logo YETI would be really cool if it could be done. I'd check with some of the other manufacturers, too. RTIC is a TX company.

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