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I think “our brand” is that we do vary our look. The fact that we are the Horned Frogs is never in doubt in any uniform we use. Our identity is always present.
I love our traditional Purple and Whites. They looked wonderful in the Rose Bowl and the Peach Bowl and such. They are like our Dress Uniforms.
That said, I love the variations of the uniforms the Frogs wore last night. The Spit Blood black, purple and red was introduced for a UT game a few years back. The departure from some form of dominant purple didn’t set well with a lot of folks, but it became a part of our brand, as well.
Plus cycling in our different retro mascots and “TCU” scripts on the Frog helmet is a great idea. We’ve had some great mascot art over the decades, and bringing those back on our helmets shouts nothing but tradition and brand. I can think of nothing more boring than the stale old Alabama look every time we took the field.
Now, the retro Horned Frog looked super on our helmets yesterday, but whoever painted them on the field should be talked to. It looked like it was done by Miss Jones 4th grade art class with a box of Crayola Crayons. I don’t know how it looked on tv, but it was dreadful in person…
We wore purple and black in the Rose Bowl.


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What do the uniform winning percentage stats look like? Apparently unis play a huge part in actual on field performance. We probably need a style analytics coach…
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