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Easy to find the olds in this thread ;)
And its easy to see the youngs too.
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I don’t understand the appeal of a gray helmet. It is blah, like a gray day and could be any team’s helmet. It’s black-and-white TV. TCU has purple and white to bring to the show to market the school.

If you are going to wear gray threads, then contrast a gray top or bottom with a purple or white top or bottom; all gray is bland and nondescript.
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They should have been lit with a good dose of gasoline. Looks terrible on TV. But I bet Prime Time wishes CU had something like them.

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I laughed. I prefer purple tops at home and we should always have TCU on the helmet. If “the kids” want an alternate these beat the crap out of the Denton Guyer goppleganger trash that I hold responsible for our destruction in the NC and ksu this year.
Minnesota has decipherable helmet cartoons, but they sure don’t intimidate, haha. I am surprised they wear those and would think the players go soft as soon as they put them on and while looking at their teammates’ headdress on the sideline and playing field, jeepers. But, at least the helmets rep the school colors!

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The good classy old true purple and white uniforms, with just a little simple bold and mean black trim. It pops and the Frogs popped their opponents then too; when the Horned Frogs played mean. Mean, clean and pretty!!!
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I remember when those (and their predecessors in 2010) came out and people complained the scales on the numbers was "gimmicky" and wanted to return to the "clean" look of the 1998-2009 jerseys.