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  1. We owe a whole lot to GP. He is the face of the university but he has to evolve. He did in 2014 and 2015 and he has slowly converted back to a bland boring offense relying on his defense. Until he lets it go and allows his coaches to run their stuff I think we will continue to struggle. Sometimes change is necessary.
  2. The problem is that it is really not even about Coach Patterson. If TCU football ceases to be “the coolest thing”, the interest from the donors and the fans dries up. They don’t care who is coaching, they want to be a part of TCU being a player on the national scene. Can Coach Patterson provide that? It appears that the drying up has begun and will continue until we become relevant again. It can be extremely costly to sacrifice your donors and fans.
  3. Who gives a crap if someone starts a new thread? I may start another GP thread just because I feel like it. CGP built TCU and will turn things around. Sometimes it takes a few years. Ignorance is commonplace on KF.c. Flame away if you know everything.
  4. You don't have the balls to start another thread
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  5. Some of us have seen what that was like already...
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  6. Isn’t that just the way life goes? There are no guarantees.
  7. Yet here you are...
  8. Exactly, the more the merrier
  9. Wrong
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  10. Gotta be careful what you ask for these days. We've been through a 4 win season and a 5 win season with Gary and have always bounced back. Gary is going to do the right thing, eventually.

    Many on this board have to have immediate gratification all day/every day. Lets grow up and support these kids for the 2nd half of the season and quit whining. How many of us are handling our lives better than GP has handled this over achieving program for 2 decades.
  11. As great as GP is, he really needs to learn to adjust with changing times.

    his defensive scheme is great when everybody on the field has mastered it. It’s a tough defense to play in, maybe he needs to simplify things a little.

    He needs to give more importance to his offense, it’s not the offense of the oc, it’s his.

    he is getting old, he needs to be a real head coach and not a glorified defensive coordinator.

    Hire a proper dc.
    Manage the team.
    The WHOLE team.
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  12. It's just not that simple !
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  14. When the going gets tough the weak and small will whine, criticize and cry. Pay them no mind. They are the same mob of voices that wanted to bench Dalton, Verrett and Boykin. Gary knows we have his back. And we know that 20 years of his successful leadership will get us past this and atop of the pyramid.
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  15. I did not want to bench Dalton or Verrett but did want to bench Boykin after his misbehavior but I am not among your “we”. I see no path to the top of the pyramid.
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  16. How is coaching TCU to 17 bowls in 19 seasons running a program into the ground? It has been six seasons since TCU missed a bowl and it looks likely TCU will not bowl this season. How it is that running a program into the ground? If GP misses a bowl in three consecutive seasons, then you have a valid stance.

    Things cycle. Very few programs can be a Top 10 program annually over the long haul. I think what must of us truly fear is being a perennial a 6-7 win team per season. We want more 9 -11 wins per seasons than the 6-7 range. That is our expectations. Failing short of those expectations is not running a program into the ground, but rather leaving us frustrated.
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  17. recent examples being Bill Snyder and Mack Brown.

  18. This is ironic given Gary openly critiqued the offense after the SMU loss. Maybe our AD needs to earn his keep and start the conversation about what OC we need to bring in to spark the offense
  19. I like these
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  20. There's no doubt Patterson CAN get this fixed. If he's unwilling, for whatever reason, to do what needs to be done then it becomes a very different conversation.
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