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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Perhaps they can use the same scheme as UT did with John Mackovic...assign him to help design the new golf course.
  2. No problem unless he went against him as part of a land war in Asia.
  3. Ohio State could always sue Meyer for damages. He brought that psycho from Flordia, put him around students, covered for the beatings, and caused issues for the suckeyes, etc.
  4. Dude, were you there? If so, be careful. Also, if not, changed the channels. Not worth the disturbing dreams.
  5. Rigged
  6. Courtney Smith’s attorney said school never contacted her about the abuse.
  7. Do the say different? Why would they contact her?
  8. one of the versions meyer tells is that he contacted his superiors about the 2015 incident(s) and they failed to act upon it.

    i don't know how these things are handled, but if if were enough for the hc to report it i would think someone from the university would at least want to speak with her or her attorney to gather information and determine if any additional action should be taken in the matter.
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  9. I’m not sure, as I got in on the tail end of it from switching radio stations. The host’s quick comment about it made it sound like the lawyer was refuting something the school said but again, I was only on the tail end so a lot of that may be wrong.
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  10. Interesting tidbit: "According to university documents, Zach Smith’s 2017 staff performance review, under overall comments it lists “Positive:” and “Work on:” Under “Work on,” the fifth item is “Personal Matters” It is the only reference to any non-football related items on Smith’s staff performance review."

    Urban knew.
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  12. Urban has already admitted he knew.
  13. exactly which is why his putting it back on the school and they supposedly not acting is important. if he is terminated by the school it won't come cheaply for them and might cost a few other people their jobs as well.

    what is interesting is when you look at when tressell lied about that got him fired it pales in comparison to urban keeping zach smith on his staff because of his recruiting abilities after the 2009 and 2015 incidents.

    the difference here is to whom did tressell lie compared to urban. this is why i don't think urban gets fired. we are counting on a school that hired urban in the first place with all his known baggage to do the right thing as there is no reason organization or entity that has leverage on them in this matter.
  14. Classic blunder.
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  15. darn ohio state
  16. They fired old Woody for punching a Clemson player for making an interception as I recall. That was worse than this IMO
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  17. Was that the same player he tripped running down the sideline or was that a different incident?
  18. nose guard for clemson intercepted schlichter's pass at the end of the game and woody lost it as the player ran out of bound on the ohio state sideline. woody loses it and punches the player in the neck.

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  19. Hitting a suited up football player is worse than hitting a woman? smh

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