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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. It also overlooks the question of why a police report was changed, why she was pressured to not file charges by Urban Liar's mentor and trusted fixer, why that psycho would admit in a text that he beat her and why he was kept on staff.
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  2. tOSU is in a mighty pickle. They can't fire U.M., and they can't keep him either.
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  3. So their change.org fan petition page is already past 20k signatures, before any official findings from the investigation have been revealed.

    Good look, OSU, good luck. Getting more Baylor-esque by the day.
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  4. They’ll have 100k before the end of the day. It’s friggin Ohio State fans.
  5. 2FC53AF2-482A-4474-ACC5-A4FB8157F30C.jpeg
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  6. I got to meet him out in Marfa earlier this year! Great guy!
  7. Ohio State announces the investigation will be finished in two weeks. When does the season start again? Such a sham.
  8. Isn't this similar to firing Briles for covering up rapes, but also paying him $15M+ to go away? Craziest damn thing.
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  9. Vizzini? Hope you didn't go in against him when DEATH was on the line.
  10. So, nothing will come of this?
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  11. Did he choose the wine in front of you, or the wine in front of him?
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  12. For sure.
  13. the Briles $15 million was hush money plain and simple......if you recall later that year ol' Art tried to sue Baylor for more money....Baylor said no more, and released the text messages....Briles got the hint and withdrew the lawsuit for the sake of his "family"
  14. Coffee, in the Hotel Saint George breakfast buffet line.

    He's a really nice guy, was doing a series of lectures on the local artists and galleries. My wife got on me afterwards for not doing some dopey selfie thing... "Sugar in this coffee? Inconceivable!"
  15. tOSU has hired Mary Jo White at Debevoise Plimpton. There is a zero per cent chance this will be a white wash. I can't promise you will agree with the outcome, but it won't be white wash.
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    There are five others on the investigative panel though, four of which I believe, as someone already asserted, are alums of Ohio State. We’ll see what happens.
  17. Racist, IMO.
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  18. He won't be fired. He may leave, but he won't be fired.
  19. The Ohio State rally is going exactly as you'd expect. Basically take the Baylor response, substitute "Texas" for "Michigan", and still blame ESPN even though McMurphy hasn't worked there for a year.

    Oh, and there was an Urban supporter rocking a #MeToo sign. So that's fun.

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