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Uhhh...Dixon to UCLA rumor/ news

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xav, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Hey, there, this is a different Bruin fan here. I read this thread with great interest. I understand and sympathize with your predicament as we're all thrown into this pool of uncertainty together. Unlikely bedfellows, as it were.

    It appears that most what all of us have heard or read is just fabricated or leaked for whatever reason since there's been no official announcement as of yet. I'm as surprised as you all that $8 million would be a stumbling block for UCLA. They paid $12 million for Jim Mora and $3 million for Steve Alford. The money is there it's easy to draw upon the generous alum who want this to happen. I can only think that there's something else going on.

    I doubt that UCLA is stringing coach Dixon along to wait on a final four coach to respond by Tuesday. That's not been UCLA's style -- stringing someone along -- in the past. And I certainly hope that's not UCLA's current strategy, it would be a black mark on my alma mater if that were the case.

    I presume we'll all know soon enough and the only advice I can give is to do what I do and not worry about things over which I have no control, just enjoy the ride.

    However this turns out I wish the best of luck to you and your team going forward. Maybe, for both of us, we've awakened the teams' potential to future greatness. It'd be fun to meet together on the court and in the stands.

    God Speed!
  3. Did UCLA have a word minimum on everything? Good gosh y'all are wordy. If you're going to write so much anyways, you should go ahead and include a TLDR one sentence summary
  4. Nice post, thank you.

    I’ve never had a problem with UCLA. I still remember the Tyus Edney days and that amazing basket to basket run he made to win that tournament game (against Mizzou maybe?) ...even if I had a problem with UCLA, at this point, I’m just ready for all this to be decided one way or the other.

    And all that said, Ed O’Bannion can rot for ruining my EA ncaa video game! Ha!
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  5. Did it take you all day to come up with that?
  6. I don't think you understand that if we lose Dixon, we're more than likely headed back into the cellar for the foreseeable future. We may not have a good team next year even if he stays. But we will certainly not find a coach that inspires as much confidence in the future of our basketball program as much as Jamie Dixon.

    Ultimately if Jamie leaves, our program is going to fall apart again. UCLA is going to remain UCLA no matter who's the head coach.
  7. Aside: John Calipari denied having any contact with UCLA on today's Dan Patrick show. Take that as you will but, if true, it should make us all pause when we read all of the Internet rumors. It would explain how stupid it would have been to offer him less than he's making at Kentucky to come to UCLA. That part made no sense at all.
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  8. Look at it this way: If Dixon does leave TCU will have $8 million to throw at a new coach above and beyond salary. That's not chump change.
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  9. Better. I’d give it a C+.
  10. Just don’t believe this....

    We have come off the canvas...We are no power but we aren’t worthless anymore. There are some damn good coaches who will be attracted to our money, facilities, and access to recruits. We are still less than 10 years into the sweet teet of Big12 money...We didn’t get lucky with JD..He came here when we were ready to get serious about hoops by making the necessary investments in ourselves.That has been modeled now across the country and there’s another JD out there.

    If stays ....great. if he doesn’t....We’ll be ok...Let’s not forget if we are left in shambles when he leaves it will be 100% be his fault for the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] he’s done while hear...
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  11. Optimist
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Ok
  14. Will you morons stop it.
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  15. You guys are ruining a perfectly bad thread here!
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  16. False start and personal foul?
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  17. Dang Eeyore, that's some restaurant-quality gloom right there... We'll be fine, with or without Jamie. Our big 3 men's programs are at a level now that championships (conference, at least) are regularly within reach if things break right. Even with different coaches.
    I like Jamie, and pleased overall with his work here, but TJ did what in hindsight looks like remarkable work in bringing and keeping talent here under disastrous conditions.
    Now we got a gym that shines like a diamond in a billy-goat's ass, and a donor class wiling to pour money down a basketball hole, I'd say that's more than enough to make us attractive to any number of coaches who could do what Jamie has done, or better.
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  18. I was looking for an offsides gif for the lawfrog504 post about banging another poster’s wife, but used that one instead bc of the odd hand gesture at the end
  19. From the LA Times article
    "Dixon’s $8-million buyout at Texas Chrisian became an insurmountable sticking point for both sides, according to multiple people close to the situation, with the Horned Frogs unwilling to lower the amount and the Bruins unwilling to pay it even after identifying Dixon as their top candidate as part of a lengthy search."

    The typo in "Texas Chrisian" notwithstanding, if it came down to the buyout neither side wanted the other all that bad.

    Good job ADJD, and glad to still have you, coach.
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