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Tyree Wilson hits the portal

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. DE that tcu was after is transferring from tamu. Keep an eye out.
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  2. T and P for the portal after Tyree hit it. Just imagine what Ross Evans would have done to it.
  3. Wouldn’t he likely have to sit a year? Not ideal given our need to have one more solid DE for 2020.
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  4. We have one future DE already sitting for a year in the transfer Horton. I'd rather have a play right away guy. Having said that, right now as we sit, we don't have a competent DE. So maybe you keep pulling the trigger until you find a guy that wants to play. In the meantime we have to hope that Mathis and Ellison are ready to grow up and turn it on.
  5. And he is leaving A'nM why?

    All jokes and jabs about aggy and JimBoob aside.
  6. Miss?
  7. I was going for "kick it down".
  8. A&M had only 9 scholarship seniors and early NFL entrants after last season. Signed an incoming class of 25. That means 16 had to go. What used to be a trap door is now at portal
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  9. Who knows but schools like A&M do more winning on recruiting day than they do during the season. Aggs signed a top 10 class this year and have more momentum than usual so they weren’t about to turn talent down. Unlike a TCU that could probably stand to ask the occasional guy to move on but choose not to, Aggs are getting on the SEC roster churn so they can sign the max number of players in every cycle.

    I think Tyree would do well at TCU but I don’t think sitting a year makes it all that feasible unless we don’t like our chances to win some good DEs for 2021
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  10. Asked my resident Aggie football guru about this.
    His response: 'This is a good one though. He was starting to develop. Should be a nice pickup for someone'
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  11. Easy take for me. Don’t care if he’s eligible this year or not.
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  12. Ditto
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  13. I do not understand "the portal" rules all that well. However, it seems to me that if a scholarship player does not get his scholarship renewed then they should be able to transfer to another school and be immediately eligible. Then again who said this system is logical.

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