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Typical Tech Trash

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. For those of you who missed it, the Tech fans were chanting F-you Trae Young in the game against OU today. Obviously they were saying the actual words.

    It really isn’t surprising at all considering the trash they let into the university. Garbage in = garbage out. What an emabarassment. The funny thing is most of the people I know that went to Tech would be proud of their fans tonight.
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    Not saying what they did what ok by any means, but when Young said Tech didn’t have enough talent and he wanted to win as his reason not to pick them. He should have known what was coming.
  3. Wonder if that makes Young's dad proud of his alma mater.
  4. Who is Trae Young? First time I've heard that name.
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  5. They truly believe they’re cultivating an LSU type atmosphere, but they’re too ignorant to know they aren’t pulling it off.
  6. LSU has a good basketball atmosphere?
  7. Not really but I think he means a hostile environment where winning justifies the sinning.

    The fans out there are really an embarrassment to the school and the league.
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  8. Worst fans I’ve ever encountered with no close second. No doubt about it.

    And I’ve never been to an LSU home football game but I’ve been to several games at Alex Box and their fans have almost always been outstanding. Would never lump them in with Tech.
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  9. The indignity of attending Tech, dealing with the isolation and desperateness of Lubbock....can produce the losers

    in life's lottery.
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  10. I read everything you post like it’s on a poster with mountains and sunrises and kittens and stuff.
  11. I'm sure we'd be far more gracious to any player that we perceived as insulting our team.
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  12. Tech fans have a long history of really bad behavior.

    When I was at TCU, we had a basketball player named Evans Royal. When the team played in Lubbock their fans were overly brutal with the racist crap so much so that Evans had enough of it and gave them the finger. I don't blame him because they were spitting on him and calling him names that my mother would've washed my mouth out with soap, for calling someone.
    After the game it started coming to a head and some fans wanted to the rail to confront him.

    The Lubbock cops handcuffed Evans and took him off the court "for his own protection"

    It was a huge scandal that Tech had to issue apologies to Evans and TCU for.

    But let us not forget their invasion of a bus that carried the Aggie band and smeared fecal material all over the place

    Even the SEC fans don't stoop that low.

    In my opinion, the league needs to grow a set of balls and take action
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  13. Not that it excuses or even lessens the awfulness of it but I believe it was stink bait they smeared all over the bus.
  14. I think the officials should have called a... Tech... on the crowd.
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  15. Good ole Evans. I don’t think I ever saw that guy without a smile on his face (except for maybe that Tech game).
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  16. He had a great smile too.

    I always liked that guy
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  17. The school is an embarrassment to schools.
  18. The B12 has no desire to step in...if it will cost them $$$.

    Not as bad, perhaps, as the NCAA - piles of useless protoplasm, regardless.
  19. Obligatory:
  20. Plenty of Classless fan bases in this conference...Tech just the latest example

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