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    Two members of my group dropped out and I have two season tickets on the 50 for sale.

    400 level, but the front row with a six foot drop to the walkway in front of the seats. No obstructions.

    West Side.

    Dead on the 50.

    Face value - $800 - my cost for both tickets.

    Two on the 40 (arm chairs - 300 leve). $1000 - My cost for both tickets.

    Email me at Jsherwood@sherwoodlawoffice.com or text me at 214-796-8996 if you want to upgrade to the 50 or 40 yard line.

    First Come.
  2. Bump!

    If I still have them. On August 1st, they're going to Stubhub.

    Many members of KFC complained about tickets being eaten up by season ticket holders.

    Here are 4 tickets, two on the fifty and two on the forty. Face Value. My cost. Looking for a long time partner as long as I have my season ticket status.

    No more complaining if I have to sell on StubHub.
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    Don’t complain about the west side plus 12.

    I’m offering at face
  4. Unbelievable.

    Okay, bumping for the last time.
  5. If I can find someone to split with me I will get these from you. Reaching out to my buddy today

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