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Two evident truths so far this season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froginbedford, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. TCU has to score 33 or more in a game to win....

    Fans at the schools TCU has beaten demand the dismissal of their coach(es) after losing to TCU....Don't know that that indicates a sizable prejudice against the Frogs and the TCU program as it has played out in the last 3 years... or Longhorns', Bears', Red fans still evaluate TCU based on the 1970-2000 era despite the overall success TCU has enjoyed since joining the Big12 in 2012 and react to a loss to TCU as a catastrophic upset....
  2. The quality of intellect at each of those schools is as much of the mindset as the historical bias. No empathy, no dancing, and no condoms suns it up for me.
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  3. We actually only needed 32, 24, and 19 to win our 3 games.
  4. Other teams know how bad our team has been the last few years, and can see on film we haven't gotten any better overall. To lose to us is bad at this point. If we could ever get out of our own way and make significant changes, it wouldn't be considered a bad loss in their eyes.
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    I have zero special insight for the mindsets of other fan bases, because I've been a TCU fan, student and alum my entire life, and since I live in the Houston area there are very few other Frog fans around me, outside of my immediate family.

    However, I get the general impression that most UT, BU and TT fans recognize that TCU is not the pushover it was back in the late SWC days, but they do have a certain sense of entitlement that makes them think the Frogs should "stay in their place," if you will.

    I don't think there's any doubt they expect to beat TCU, and when they don't the embarrassment is crippling for them, so they lash out at their current head coach. I know my fellow Baptists are highly frustrated that TCU can hang on to its head coach, but Baylor can't.

    The Red Raiders have short memories (or a poor grasp of history), because TCU lobbied loud and long for Tech's inclusion into the SWC back in the day, and now they act as though they're somehow superior to the Frogs because they were part of the original transition over to the Big XII.

    The Longhorns are just frustrated about their general ineptitude and repeated failure, and I've said it before, so I'll say it again - Tom Herman can win all the Red River Rivalry games (or whatever they call it now), but if he can't figure out how to beat TCU more consistently, he won't last long in Austin.

    No matter what else happens in this season - the mere fact that TCU has beaten all three of the Big XII's other Texas schools makes my heart happy! Do I want more? Of course I do, but I simply love to wear my purple TCU golf shirt to church on Sunday mornings (even if my attendance is virtual).

    Oh, the weeping and gnashing of teeth...

    Go Frogs!
  6. We're absolutely better than we were last year IMO.
  7. DJ -- Well-stated and very much "on target."
  8. Not sure how I feel about "absolutely", but I agree we are better.
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  9. Well, to be fair, our own fans wanted GP fired after our losses...
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  10. to be fair, they only wanted gary fired if he didn't and doesn't do something about sonny, doug, and anderson
  11. If we're better, it's not by much. At least so far. I would say if last year's team played this year's team, it'd be a pretty competitive game. And most likely boring as hell to watch!

    Until we develop some semblance of a passing game, we're gonna have a really low ceiling.
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  12. I agree to a very small degree. Baylor & Tech were 2 bad teams, and the UT win was more of them screwing themselves, not us stopping them. Even after all of UT's bad plays, they were still only a yard away from beating us, again, only because of their sloppy play did we win.

    I get it, a win is a win and we should be happy, but let's not fool ourselves into believing we're good again. We're several miles away from that. I hope things somehow get corrected and we go back to being way above average. I just feel that we are still a very below average team right now with a few bright spots starting to pop up with our younger players finally getting to play. Why these players weren't getting early playing time is completely ridiculous, and that again falls on the coaching staff, and mainly GP.
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  13. Not me. I think the program needs to go in a different direction and have thought that for three years. Nothing I've seen makes me doubt my opinion at all.
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  14. saturday's game showed some real flashes of potential in the defensive front in the first time in a number of games and i am not just referring to mathis,

    the two defensive linemen from john ehret have really shown some things the past two games and give the defensive line some depth and flexibility

    additionally, that was the best the frogs have tackled in the open field in quite some time as well.

    offensively we went through a quarter and a half of forcing the passing game and not establishing the run and i really wish we would do more with two backs if we don't have the talent at wide receiver as is jeremy's newest message he is to disseminate to the frog masses
  15. Until we figure out how to throw the football better than a team from the 1940s, we are somewhere between a 4-8 and 7-5 team on an equivalent basis depending on how good GPs defense is
  16. F all them. We take a backseat to nobody. We won conference championships every year in every conference in the country. We won the damn Big12 before we even got a full share of the money. We won three BCS bowls including the Rose Bowl, let's see tech and baylor win that. We won Heisman trophys and we got guys in the high school, college and pro football hall of fame, our latest kid is a first ballot hall of famer and his son plays corner right now. LADANIAN! tech and baylor got no business being in the same conference as us. We beat texas nine times in a row. F those guys.

  17. You left out the self evident truth that @steelfrog is a horrible human being.

    That makes 3 self evident truths.
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  18. Admittedly, a low bar...

    I am still left to wonder about the ghastly performance against K. State, and the D.O.A. performance against Oklahoma. And now the last couple of weeks.

    "...And this is my assistant, Mr. Hyde."
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  19. I worry that the "different direction" we might go in was seen in those years between 1970 and 1990. Maybe you don't remember them.
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  20. I do not because I had zero interest in TCU at that time.
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