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Tuesday Trivia-Summer Doldrums edition

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ShadowFrog, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. what old music do you get out & crank up in the house when no ones home to protest your gauche tastes?

    Me, Conquistador by Maynard Ferguson, classic 70’s smooth jazz.
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  2. The first album of an unknown band called Hellanbach. Low sound quality 80's metal at its finest.
  3. [hundinnen ] brew
  4. N.W.A.

    Straight Outta Heights
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  5. Here it is! Turn it up loud!

  6. I like to alternate between bluegrass french horn classics, Chilean prog rock and, of course, Spinal Tap’s greatest hits.
  7. Is it the music or the raw animal sex appeal?
  8. I suppose Mulatu Atatke is old music. Brilliant ethio-jazz
  9. Smell The Glove, in heavy rotation...
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  10. Alone? Prog, baby. Yes, at top volume. That way, the wayward traveler will not have his/her ears reduced to tatters by hearing me try to harmonize with Jon Anderson's soprano...
  11. Not sure about the prog rock or soprano labels, but Swingin’ sure was a banger.
  12. If you like Maynard, you are my kind of guy.
    Don't wince, but I crank up Stan Kenton ( Ferguson played a lot with him). Kenton was way ahead of his time.
    Also like swing music and dancing from the big bands of the 40's-- I told you not to wince!
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  13. Vegetarian progressive grindcore

    Nicky Lemons and The Migraines

    And Clair de Lune as performed by Les Claypool.
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  14. So THAT's why @LisaLT likes you!
  15. I thought it was my motorcycle skillz.
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  16. I’ve got 5-6 MF albums, enjoy them all on vinyl.
    And the girls are headed out on a girls-only road trip today—upon return to the hacienda tonight it’ll be all MF all the time (sorry to mangy cat, go hide in the back of the house).
  17. Dropkick Murphy's.
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  18. Madonna. Like a virgin album.

    Can’t wait for the comments....
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  19. Am I the only one who noticed this whole thread had gotten RickRolled?
  20. John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins...separately or together...memories of WRR's "Old Jim Lowe"...


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