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Tuesday Starter???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. What a great weekend all around by the team but especially the starters. So who gets Tuesday??

    I'm thinking for at least this game against ACU who always has a hard on for us...I would love to see a vet like Sloan start (If he's not hurt) for 3 then the freshman Meador and Riley for at least 2 innings each.

    Seems like Sxhloss even with the mysterious arm injuries has an EXTREMELY deep staff and lots of options.

    Also guessing Goodloe was one of the ones injured because I don't believe he played ..could be wrong.
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  2. Another cold one. Looks like high of about 55 Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Need it to get cancelled IMO
  4. I think it will be Riley.
  5. ACU is 4-0. Might need to play that game after all.
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    acu has a catcher who is originally from marcus and played at pepperdine last year.

    the view from behind home plate in abilene isn't quite the same as pepperdine
  7. So he played for the Fighting Jeff Shermans?
  8. since i don't know who jeff sherman is i guess yes?
  9. I have no idea who's going to be the Tuesday Starter of the GDT?

    I mean Dirtbag usually does a good job of that. Then I look forward to RollToad blessing our opponent in his unique way. Then I wait for Moose to make some absolute claim one way or the other. After a few pitches I see that Pharm has made a reference to Mrs Pharm. Then I see someone has posted that Maniac is on the Jumbotron. Again. Then I always look forward to celebrating a win with Quilter and her celebration R&S butt thump.

    Oh, wait. Darn....wrong type of "starter".
  10. After this weekend, I am putting my money on Cornelio
  11. Baseball head coach at Marcus. Also played at Marcus.
  12. I'm glad you left the part out about me complaining about we are the worst baserunning team in history....
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  13. 4 games last weekend means they probably burned thru a bunch of pitching. Wonder if they saved their ace for us...

    Only gave up 9 runs in 4 games against Utah Valley....
  14. Utah Valley, huh? I figured they must have started with a midweeker against The Braille Diesel Driving Academy to gear up for Southwestern ITT Tech.
  15. So evidently the reason why our Minnesota series is Saturday, Sunday, Monday is because Minnesota is playing the Twins in their Spring Training facility in Florida on Friday and then flying home to the frozen tundra to play us.

    Beyond the logistical stupidity of both teams flying away from warmer weather to play inside a dome in the Minnesota - I wonder if they are going to throw any of their starters Friday and we face their midweek guy Monday or since it is an "exhibition" if they will hold out their weekend rotation for us?
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  16. I did not realize that exhibition games were allowed during the season.
  17. no idea but they are doing it - even shows up on their schedule and the Twins schedule for Spring Training.
  18. Haha. The absolute claim....
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