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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xavier, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Trash charge calls. We look ok right now. But man, these refs. Easley was more set than the others just now. Trash.
  2. watching baylor - wvu and a great game

    tied with a minute to go in ot and butler just fouled out for baylor
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  3. Yeah. Baylor all of a sudden looks meh. Its a shame this is such a tough league. If TCU was in Pac 12 we would be 1-3 every year. That is not hyperbole.
  4. baylor has played much better in the second half of this game and the two teams are going toe to toe

    will be interesting to see how wvu responds on wednesday if they drop this game today with how hard they have played
  5. baylor gets a favorable charge call and hangs on to win a close game in morgantown to win their first conference title in over 70 years

    they played much better in the second half of this game and ot.

    how does wvu respond for the game on wednesday against the frogs?
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  6. We must do away with the charge it sucks haha
  7. Awful effort on the boards. Good grief. Guys just standing around watching Tech dominate the boards.
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  8. Good to see PJ buying into the defensive end. Him and Todd should be ELITE defenders. Maybe one or two dunks will make him realize that to get into the open court, defense is a must.
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  9. We stink.
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  10. We look awesome. Fire Dixon.
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  11. If there’s any question on where this program sits on the Big12 hierarchy, this game is a good indicator. Tech’s clearing their bench and continue to score at will.
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  12. Baylor Basketball, Last 70 years:
    1 conference championship
    1 murder cover up

    scheiss em.
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  13. That was an ass kicking in every sense. They had one dude score double digits and still beat the [ #2020 ] out of us.

    This program is going nowhere under Dixon.
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  14. How did we get so bad?
  15. We forgot to recruit players who can make shots
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  16. Turns out that passing it constantly around the arc and then jacking up a contested jumper isn’t a viable strategy.
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  17. If the refs weren’t in love with charges it would be a different game. We would handle this tech team in Fort Worth but tech knows that and is afraid to play here.
  18. Stop! Beard is not afraid to play a Dixon coached team.
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  19. I want to believe I really do. But I don’t believe this.
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  20. Uhhhh...nevermind.
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