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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. If in the 2nd half we simply hand the ball off up the middle each play vs. Ohio State and Texas last year we win both games.
  2. Interesting hypothetical. I'm going to go with False.

    First, we'd have to operate on the assumption that they don't know we're going to run, which I think is fair. If they do know, it's a clear false, as the defensive strategy becomes a lot easier. Also probably have to assume their offensive gameplan is unchanged, for example Ohio State's last two drives just bled the clock with the lead, whereas they'd be passing more if we were winning.

    With Ohio State, we gifted them 7 points in the second half with a pick six, but they won by 12 so that didn't make all the difference. You also have to remember they got inside our 10 after our last drive (which ended in an interception) and then mercy kneeled. A lot of upset betters I'm sure considering the 12.5 point line. On a broader level, outside of Anderson's 93 yard run we were averaging 3.1 YPC. It's not like we ran the ball at will on them.

    With Texas, only 1 second half interception resulted in points, and we lost by 15. Hard to say that was the reason. Another was a fumble, not a pick, resulted in a TD but even that was right around midfield. We did have a fairly good 4.4 YPC there so that might have gotten us some more points if we had avoided the turnovers, but remember that Robinson was our leading rusher that game. The RB's / WR's had less than 100 yards total, and averaged 3.4 YPC.

    So I'd lean towards no for both, though Texas is more of a maybe.
  3. Obviously assuming an alternate reality where the defense doesn't start to figure out you are running up the middle.... I go false, true. We weren't going to beat Ohio State. I think we would have beat UT. SRobinson accounted for three turnovers in the 2nd half which wouldn't have happened. It would have been close, but I think we may have been able to pull it off.
  4. Would not have beaten either team. Games wouldn't have been as close as they were.

    I think you're probably half-kidding, but actually running the ball up the middle each play does not work. At all. Honestly, I bet if we had run it up the middle every play all year we'd have gone 1-11, maybe 2-10. And if we had run it up the middle every play in the 2nd halves against UT and OSU, every single TCU fan would be calling for the immediate firing of Cumbie, because we would have lost and it would have looked like we weren't even trying.

    edit: If we even have one 3 and out series where we run the ball up the middle three consecutive times and then punt everyone freaks out. Imagine the fallout of that happening on 7 or 8 consecutive possessions.
  5. A whole DCs job is to try to make a team one dimensional...Gift him that and you’ll get the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] kicked out of you most weeks.
  6. I think the question is obviously based around the other team not realizing you are running it up the middle every time. Otherwise, yes, we would lose to every team except the FCS team and gain less than 100 yards in every game.
  7. POINT:

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  8. Yeah not even close.
  9. Last year was not our year to do anything right on offense...We would have fumbled...
    Spit Blood ~~<~< and scheiss baylor!!!
  10. Army was effective running up the middle because they were effective running and passing everywhere from every position on the field on every down and distance against a team that was most effective at quitting.
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  11. Well I guess the most effective way to run a program is clear...If you have a QB that can throw it you go air raid. And if he’s having a bad day you quickly adjust to a triple option...seems easy enough
  12. Running the triple option is a much different animal.

    Now 1994 TCU ran smoke draw over against Tech and the Red Raiders could stop it

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