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Trevor Lawrence has the COVID....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. I look forward Clemson discovering a "9 days if you have Sunshine hair" amendment to the ACC's 10 day isolation requirement.
  2. Wait, did we say he tested positive on Thursday? We meant Tuesday. TUESDAY!
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  3. Lawrence should suit up as a walk on with a fake mustache, Bobby V style.
  4. Posted this in the big 10 thread. Will add that I’m glad he didn’t get mono....

  5. They’ll pull a Saban and come up with four negative test results to clear him.
  6. His hair could have had it for weeks before he did...will definitely make contact tracing more challenging.
  7. Is there a Biden joke in there somewhere?
  8. Pin it and shut it down.
  9. Since according to the media, cases = death, he should be dead soon and therefore NFL teams tanking for him might as well stop
  10. Does your draft stock fall if you get COVID?
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  11. Naah. He's immune now.
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  12. they can beat boston college without him, but agree the nd game might be a different matter
  13. I’m sure Dabo has a stable he can plug and play. Must be nice to have options.
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  14. I believe he will be back for ND. He’s been there plenty long enough to not need practice reps.
  15. the kid from st john bosco out in so cal is a freaking beast.

    seriously over 240+, huge arm strength, can run a bit, but no idea if he is even close to having a feel for the college game
  16. BC giving them everything they can handle right now, but I bet Clemson makes some adjustments and runs away with it. Just too many players on both sides of the ball.
  17. you can see his physical talent, but clemson is being very conservative with him and boston college decided they were going to do more than show up today

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