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Traffic Cops Harassing TCU Fans

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Goo, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. QUOTE(fnfreebird @ Nov 2 2009, 11:58 AM) [snapback]425254[/snapback]
    Have friends who are lifer cops. They are some wonderful people. They will be the first to tell you how much things have changed. They say 50% of current cops are every bit as much criminal as those they arrest. 50% are good folks doing the right thing.
    These guys can't wait to retire, they are shocked how far things have gone downhill in the last 10-15 years.
    You no longer hold the respect of much of the community because your fellow brothers in blue have digressed to such a low level.
    You have lost the respect and trust of many, some for a for a lifetime.
    At one time I would have been the first one to stop ans assist or render aid, No longer, you guys blew it. Badges titles and guns are assigned, respect has to be earned.

    Badges and guns are not assigned. They are earned. You have to go through extensive training, licensure by the state, and numerous other things. While there are a few bad apples, most are good people. And when it comes down to it, I know that officers will save a life whether or not the person likes them or not. They are there to protect and serve. While you may not like all officers, they are much needed and deserve respect. Try living in a lawless society fnfreebird.
  2. At the request of Goo, I am locking this topic. He said the issue has been resolved and wants everyone to focus on SDSU.

    I have no problem with that.

    Go Frogs
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