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Top Football Facilities for 2020: TCU #19

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. https://247sports.com/LongFormArtic...-Texas-Georgia-Florida-142838731/#142838731_9

    Not that the new Eastside would factor into this minus the new jumbotron, but I was told last Fall once the Eastside expansion goes live, TCU football and Amon G Carter stadium will have the highest per capacity of luxury seating capacity in any stadium OF ANY SPORT, Pro or College in America.... If true, which this person had no reason to lie, I roll my eyes yet again when anyone says, "Little Ole TCU..." Total farce...TCU football is one step away from becoming Clemson for this decade. Let's get there!
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  2. What is that one step? And how the hell is having a whole bunch of luxury suites going to help us win football games?
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  3. We have great facilities but we need to string a few B12 championships together before we can say we are steps from Clemson. We don't currently reside in the same neighborhood.
  4. I’d start with just one that isn’t shared with Baylor.
  5. LSU would say otherwise after the string of Bama conference championships.
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  6. LSU had won two NCs in the past 15 years or something and played for at least one other.

    We compete in the Big 12, not exactly the toughest competition.
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  7. that stat had to come from tcu's sid because no one else i know involved in football would give two rats' asses about that number/ratio...etc...

    what matters is wins plain and simple and not the freaking comfort of the fan base.

    if the other matters we need to shut it down right now
  8. Having that many luxury boxes says more about our fanbase than it does the team playing the actual game
  9. What game?
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  10. Scoreboard!
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  11. Both matter.
  12. No one in those seats is going to play or coach, but those people are going to help pay for facilities, coaches, recruiting, etc, etc, etc. Without financial support, we are back in CUSA.
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  13. I think just 1 National Championship recently , right?
  14. We've been around a long, long time Deman and you can see how much it changes in a month or two. If last fall they said luxury boxes and so on and so forth would put us near the top, well, that was nine maybe ten months ago. Now, with all of the additions, we'll probably come in at ten or 11, it changes that fast. What else can you do.? One option, install a rain forest with tree clinging animals along the indoor pathway to the practice facility. Surely Clemson or Texas hasn't thought of doing that!

    What a bowl of chili.. !!
  15. Rub a rock off.

    and hire Dabo.
  16. Well, the members over at Colonial and Rivercrest CC’s are interested in that stat of luxury seating. So, there. Rah Rah, golf clap, TCU.
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  17. I'm happy the well to do supporters are going to get better seating and amenities but I think a fair portion of them would tell you if they had to choose, they would rather win B12 titles. I'd also wager that our history of success under Patterson is the reason that luxury piece is even happening. Meaning, without the winning nobody will be all that interested in filling those boxes.
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  18. My interest wouldn’t change.
  19. Winning attracts nominal fans. It’s T-Shirt fans that actually drive program perception not the alumni. Corporate dollar’s profoundly impact a lot of who will be in those sweets and many of them will be there because it IS or ISN'T the place to be in FT Worth on a Sat. Losing will drive the “It” factor into the dirt.
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  20. Should our recruiting classes be better?

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