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Top 10 TCU football players of all time


I was trying to find a spot for Dalton, Jason Verrett, Aaron Schobel and maybe Michael Reeder or Kelly Blackwell. Lots of great names from the old era as well.
Ryan Christian deserves a mention as just a hard nose guy that gave it his all when every else was injured.
I was in school at same time as Michael Reeder but didn’t know him. Now we have sons in the same class and he lives down the road.


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Who makes your list? The first half of the list is easier. The second half gets tricky.
I’ll start:
1-Sammy Baugh
2-Bob Lilly
3-Davey O’Brien
4-Ladainian Tomlinson
5-Jim Swink
6-Ki Aldrich
7-Kenneth Davis
8-Jerry Hughes
9-Josh Doctson
10-Mike Renfro
The QB of our best team in the modern era? Boykin? I know he's in prison, but he was definitely in the top 10 of our MVPs.