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To swoosh, or not to swoosh.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. You kneel to pray. You stand for the Star Spangled banner. That's being respectful. To opine otherwise is idiotic.
  2. And roll over, fetch, and play dead.
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  3. It’s idiotic to have a different opinion than yours? That makes you the idiot.

    The crutch that many of you that have the same opinion is because it disrespects the military (still not sure that whole thing came about) is not shared by all military and vets. I know many personally.
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  4. Respectfully, your customers obviously want to discuss this, as evidenced by 9 pages of responses. This is a crossover sports/political topic on everyone’s mind (until the next thing comes along). Why move it when you know that will kill the discussion?
  5. Not everyone kneels to pray in every situation.
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  6. Because it is circular, tiresome and pointless?
  7. No. That’s not even close to what I was telling you.
  8. Well there goes the vast majority of the traffic on this site.
  9. #metootoo
  10. Good point. Wanna talk realignment?
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  11. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass if kneeling disrespects the military or the flag or the anthem. I also don’t care what Trump thinks about. Where they lose me is that when I turn on sports I want to watch sports. When I have to wade through a bunch of political BS in the process I quickly lose interest. So while everyone involved is fully entitled to do what they’re doing they shouldn’t be the least bit surprised/bothered when people like me find something else to occupy my time/spend my money on.
  12. If we wanted to kill it we'd delete the thread or lock it down outright. It's been the policy of this board, in the past, to immediately move hot political topics to the general board. The fact is, in recent years I've been able to grant these threads a longer shelf life in the SNFFF than I was allowed previously, and in most cases—like this one—everyone has been rather civil and the discussion was spirited... until it isn't and the political, religious, and social agendas of the members begin to dominate the conversation and the thread spirals off topic and into a ditch. Most fans who come here have expressed a desire not to have the board filled with those kinds of threads and we respect that, but I think the balancing act we perform with threads like this these days is fair, and while the discussion isn't part of the main TCU sports-related board it is still allowed and will remain on the site; we're just shifting its venue to honor the rest of our "customers."

    I left the redirect link in the SNFFF for the time being so anyone looking to reply or continue to participate won't be inconvenienced, but given the topic it's time to move it to the proper board. Now, if y'all want to start a thread discussing TCU's Nike deal and make it about that go for it, that certainly has a specific focus on the school and its athletic department, and therefore belongs in the SNFFF. However, this discussion is turning into one of flag/anthem etiquette, the NFL, social and cultural issues, and specifically about Kaepernick's opinions; none of which directly influence or concern TCU.
  13. That's not a good thing. Most are much worse. People freaking out about a company exploiting a political position because they want to make money are stupid. Nike is a corporation, all they care about is $$. I'm focusing on the dumbass kneel for anthem comments.
  14. BRB going to buy more Nike.
  15. Was going to wait to buy but in premarket trading NKE up .5% and lots of strength shown in younger investors (under 35 or Millennials) with buys over sells over 300% up over 280% from just the previous day.

    Decided to go ahead and jump in this morning.
  16. Yes. Absolutely Kaepernick is doing something. In January he hit the $1,000,000 dollar donation mark for donating to different causes that work in low income areas of the US, including Meals on Wheels, Mothers Against Police Brutality, & more.

    I really wish people would understand that the argument, the kneeling, ALL OF IT WAS OVER.

    Week 1, 2017 6 players in the NFL took a knee. Six. I’m the entire league. It was a non issue. It was hardly recognized, televised or mentioned.

    Week 2 Let the charade began! With the cowboys kneeling, then standing and players all over the league knelt and the faux outrage ensued. Hundreds.

    WHAT?? What happened in between week 1 & week 2?

    Donald Trump called players sons of [hundinnen ] and drove a wedge down the entire nation. This ludicrous topic has now become a talking point in our country and elections. Really!!?? Our education system is failing, middle class is going broke because health insurance is unaffordable and folks are better off on welfare then they are getting a low wage job. But dammit! I’m gonna get mad about a peaceful protest!!
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  17. Conservatives protests are a damn joke and they spend way less on average for crappy merchandise than liberals. Seems like a safe bet.
  18. The ol lets discuss black on black crime instead trick. Lol. You are ridiculous and sheltered.
  19. Duly noted..... everyone that disagrees with you is “stupid” and a “dumbass”. Solid contribution to the thread. You aren’t part of the problem at all.

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