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To swoosh, or not to swoosh.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Taking a knee while at attention is not disrespectful. It’s bringing attention to his protest. People take a knee during prayer, to pay respect to a monarch in other countries and cultures. Kneeling is not disrespectful.

    Buying beer, changing lyrics to fit a sports team, taking a piss in the restroom, taking selfies all while the anthem is playing? Now that’s not disrespectful right?
  2. My deal about this is I will generally defer to those that have served, my family and friends...and by far, the majority of them have zero problems with it at all. They have said the exact same thing geezer said earlier.

    If my family and friends who served don’t have a problem with it and actively state their service allows for this very thing, then I don’t have an issue with it whatsoever.
  3. I think Kyle Brotzman gets the credit for that.
  4. Did you actually watch the game in real time? He made play after play to bring Nevada back in a game he wheeled his team to win. If not for the that guy, there would not have been a need for the Boise kicker to miss in the first place.
  5. I can’t speak for others, but my problem isn’t with peacefully protesting a legitimate injustice. My problem is with protesting for and promoting a false and divisive narrative, which is exactly what Kaepernick has been doing... and now what Nike has decided to proudly support.
  6. Yes I did. He "willed" his team well, and if the Boise St kicker doesn't choke twice Nevada still loses.
  7. Hey I was wondering the other day actually, what was the name of that one Boise State player that was one of the dirtiest players ever? Believe he was the same guy who got dropped by Blount? Just can’t remember his name...was it Hout or something like that?
  8. And if Kaep isn't on that team, they lose like 31-7 just like every other Boise opponent did that year.
  9. He bragged about women letting him grab their privates, so that would mean he's actually not a sexual predator based on the tape. Maybe you didn't listen closely enough?
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    The issue I had with Kaep is that local/municipal police officers have nothing to do with the national anthem and the conflation of two wildly disparate levels of government irritates my libertarian and federalist proclivities. I'm not aware of any federal police officers being involved in controversial cases in which a young minority was killed.

    Everything you said is absolutely correct, except I'd argue his protest was disrespectful to the U.S. flag and national anthem in that it targeted the wrong "aggressor" and, as a result, needlessly blamed a lot of people and agencies that aren't remotely culpable in the issues about which he sought to raise awareness. If an athlete were going to protest sanctuary cities, for example, it would be quite ridiculous for him to kneel during the national anthem. It's not a perfect analogy, but hopefully you get my point.

    All of this from a veteran who finds the overt nationalism of the national anthem and pledge of allegiance (that one I just won't do) mildly repugnant. I'd prefer we carry that level of pride for our God (pledge of allegiance to Him before any government) and states (the federalist in me) before our nation, which I also most certainly love.

    Our priorities are so arse backwards since Woody Wilson you have to be dyslexic to understand them. We hardly understand what being American really even means. We've lost the culture that helped preserve that understanding and I think that's why we seem to get further and further divided as we try to hang onto what we think it means to be American.

    Some say it's about freedom, guns, military, and first responders. Others say it's about civil rights, political correctness, and social justice. I say they've each created a new religion and neither really understands the principles that undergird what they believe. Ironically, and sadly, the Afghan people are more American than us in many ways bc they want to govern themselves at the lowest level possible and reject the idea that what's best for some/most/a few tribes is best for all. They don't want a general government to dictate how they should live in any way. And they're willing to fight for it.

    My beef with Nike is in them interjecting themselves into a political issue. Leave me the hell alone. You know this stunt is going to be a huge distraction from which I won't possibly be able to find respite, but because you think even bad publicity will ultimately be good publicity you decide to flame tensions from coast to coast in what might be an attempt to help an athlete make a point that doesn't even need to be made.

    I don't want to support that. I'll support those who stay out of that fight. I'll wear the stuff I already own, but I won't buy anymore unless every other clothing brand picks a side in social justice fights and then I have to make even tougher choices. Screw this nonsense. I'm sick of it already. I think most Americans are too; they just don't know how to properly express their distaste for it on either side and that further compounds the problem.
  11. Byron Hout. The worst.
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  12. What false narrative are you speaking about? What’s false?
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  13. That’s it! Thanks, Riggs. For some reason he popped into my head (may have seen the Boise St score or something) and I just couldn’t remember his name. Such a dirty player.
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  14. Couldn't have been the dirtiest Boise player ever. He never transferred to Baylor.
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  15. WOW that’s long. I understand your point and I’m not saying what Colin is doing/did was perfect. However, it did brig attention to his cause. He wasn’t targeting the military, it was his attempt to get attention. If he protested in “his own time” at “his own place” then who would pay attention?

    I’m just wondering how his protest of social injustice became his hatred for America?
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  16. Nobody has ever said I wrote a lot of words before. Weird.

    My point is that his protest of "social injustice" (in quotes bc that definition varies as wildly as Bruce Jenner's hormones) became his hatred of what half the country believes America is (those who blindly support police and military action). If another athlete protested sanctuary cities he'd piss off half the country and he'd be accused of hating America because we're all created equal according to the constitution regardless of borders and if you don't believe that then you must hate America (yes, I know it's the Declaration, but that common misunderstanding also illustrates my point).

    Hell, i bet half the things i said in my first 4 posts (combined into one) would piss off 90% of the country and draw some claims that i also hate America.
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  17. Best I can tell is that they are one of the best marketing companies in the world. Check with us later about that ”billion” dollar loss loss lmao
  18. Everything Kaepernick stands for (or should I say kneels for) is a completely false and untrue narrative that has caused tremendous division and hate amongst our country.

    His entire argument is based on a media driven myth that racist police are targeting and gunning down unarmed black men and boys for no reason other than the color of their skin and then going unpunished. This narrative simply isn’t true and it’s created a very dangerous environment for our law enforcement officers to safely do their jobs.

    Of all the police shootings in our country, only a minuscule fraction of them were unarmed black men, and the circumstances where a police officer unlawfully used lethal force are extremely rare. It’s not some rampant epidemic like Kaepernick would want you to believe. The true epidemic is the amount of black on black murders that happen in this country. That is the true tragedy and social injustice. But you don’t see anyone kneeling for that.
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  19. Only a few (dozen) black kids died, so it's OK.
  20. Wow. Thread is even worse than I imagined. Reads like TexAgs.
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