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To swoosh, or not to swoosh.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Agreed. I tend to buy Adidas stuff more often just because it seems to last longer more often for me and usually is a bit cheaper (a minuscule amount) but this is how I feel. But I still have a bunch of old gray tshirts to workout in that work just fine.
  2. Replay of Georgia game on. Beth Mowens just said Cox needs a touch. Part of me wonders if that is offensive.
  3. I know you are joking but for the fun of the group...[​IMG]
  4. It is to her
  5. uh...why are there severed hands laying at his feet?
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  6. I know a guy who said he had a strange dream about Beth Mowens.
    I was afraid to ask...
  7. In honor of the taiwanese children maimed in the making of Nike sneakers
  8. That missing swimsuit pic was a speedo. Thankfully Nike never made a big splash (no pun intended) in the swimming world. Lol ;)
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  9. Ironic when you think about it. The worked there so they could make a better living than most in their country and buy food. Now, they can't lift a spoon. Life is cruel.
  10. I'm offended that I am not allowed to see the pic.
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    No more swoosh for me. I've got lots of TCU swoosh. And Rangers swoosh. Some will go on ebay. I've got non swoosh TCU gear I'll be wearing to games. I ordered non-swoosh running and golf shoes today. Bye Swoosh.
  12. its funny I buy a lot of TCU stuff but none of it is Nike. In fact, my NFL stuff isn’t Nike either. I do have A lot of Champion college stuff. I think I’m a cheapskate lol.
  13. Maybe I’ll send it to u lol
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  14. begin happy Snoopy dance now...
  15. [​IMG]

    And if you don't understand how taking a knee during the anthem is disrespecting the anthem and the flag ... never mind.
  16. Boise not having a kicker on scholarship got us a Rose Bowl. I'll appreciate that.
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  17. I like(d) the Dri-Fit stuff.
  18. Racism is racism...

    Whether it's African American football players hating white cops, just because they are white cops or backwards hillbilly's calling people the N-word.

    It's all the same. If a company supports something that divides instead of unites, that's their prerogative, as it ours to call them on their BS and not buy their product.
  19. This needs to be on the DL. ;)
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  20. It's not the whiteness they hate
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