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To swoosh, or not to swoosh.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Kaepernick started it because his girlfriend asked him to do it
  2. @wes — Yeah the snapper would’ve been great!
  3. Nothing better when someone posts information that is detrimental to their point.

    According to your source, in 2017 457 whites and 223 blacks were killed by police. Ok. As of 2016, there were 197 million whites in the US versus 40 million blacks. Assuming those numbers are roughly the same in 2017, that means that a white American had about a 0.0002% chance of being killed by police, while a black American had a 0.0005% chance. Now, I’m not a mathematician, but it seems to me like black people are being killed by police at more than twice the rate of whites.

    Minorities are also much more likely to be killed while unarmed compared to whites. Data here = https://www.vox.com/cards/police-brutality-shootings-us/us-police-racism

    You can pretend this isn’t an issue or you can create a false equivalence with whites being killed by police or black-on-Black violence, but doing so is just a tactic to obscure the uncomfortable reality that there is a serious, pervasive, race-related problem with the way our law enforcement entities use force. Not all cops, of course, but enough to make the statistics look seriously messed up.
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  4. Straight from your Department of Justice to this forum... https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/rhovo1215.pdf

    Same race on same race crime is higher in all categories. However, disproportionately more African American criminals of violent crimes based on percentage of population. This doesn't take into account any of the issues as to why that is, it is just a fact.

    I would rather Kaep and Nike promote social programs and scholarships to raise people out of the social factors that promote such statistics, but hey, maybe it's easier to just take a knee.
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  5. Just one?
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  6. Just for the record, my OP and other comments were carefully worded to be about the business of Nike’s move and how it may or may not impact TCU. Back to football.
  7. Here’s the thing. We can have more than one big social and crime problem. Is it a problem that blacks are committing crime at a higher rate due to endemic poverty than other races? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that the clear issues with police violence (and, more generally, the problems related to a steady militarization of American police forces) are not also a problem that deserves to be discussed and dealt with.

    There’s also the issue that police violence is a symptom of a state that has yet to entirely shed its racist behaviors. The fact that police are committing crimes against blacks as agents of the state makes this an issue much more concerning that crime levels among the civilian populace.
  8. Or 11. I’m good either way.
  10. Come on Moose. A study? How about you wait a few months rather than a “study” of 8,000 opinions/favorabity and purchasing considerations LOL.
  11. It’s just a tweet with some information. I wasn’t attempting to make a definitive statement. And I probably won’t be digging this thread up in a few months.
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  12. This nonsense has been going on for 2+ years. What's another few months?
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  13. Are you going to destroy your Ford cars now as well?
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  14. Like most cars they will self-destruct.
  15. I shop for TCU shirts, for the most part. If the best ones are Nike, then I'm buying them.
    It's unfortunate they chose to become political...but it doesn't mean I have to.
  16. They would deny the premise (because what you allege Nike to have “said” is factually and verifiably inaccurate) and either (1) rightfully tell you Nike can endorse free speech all they want and (2) we’re under contact with Nike and willl address our apparel sponsorship at the appropriate time. And also Nike’s corporate messaging doesn’t matter. Go be a Tech or Aggie fan if you are so upset about black peoplema rights to protest/speak that your want to boycott your alma mater because you don’t like who narrated one of their tv ads.

    Or don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill and get over it.
  17. Anyone who wants Nike TCU caps, shirts, windbreaker (size large) and a pair of size 12 athletic shoes that are white/purple/black, I just posted them in the Slingin' Sammy yard sale forum. They are all in great condition. Thanks for looking.

    One of the caps is black so you can get it in time for the blackout game vs. Tech.
  18. Just added mens large TCU purple Nike Therma-Fit men large hoodie and sweat pants! Look in Slingin' Sammy's yard sale forum!

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