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To swoosh, or not to swoosh.

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paint It Purple, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. What’s wrong with discussing that? Why isn’t Kaepernick discussing it? Honest questions.
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  2. Then don’t click on it. I choose not to read numerous threads on here, but that doesn’t mean I believe they should be banished to the pit of despair.
  3. @gohornedfrogs the previous several posts are exactly why this thread no longer deserves to stay in the SNFFF. I'm not making a comment about their content, or the validity of the statements, but this discussion is no longer about TCU and therefore should reside in the General Forum. I appreciate your point, and agree that this is a topic worth discussing and many here want to discuss it, but I hope you can see my point that once the discussion no longer has anything to do with TCU or its athletic programs then it needs to be moved to the appropriate forum.
  4. Again, if y'all want to start a thread in the fan forum concerning Nike's move and how it should or shouldn't impact TCU—and keep it on that topic—then I have no issues with allowing it to stay in the SNFFF.
  5. A select few had a problem with your move to the general board. Most of us get it.

    Keep doin’ what ya doin’ playa boy! And make that money okay?
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  6. I think African Americans have every right to complain about the treatment they get from cops. Me too, by the way. I have that right too. It's what we fight for all around the world. The right to state our opinion. I'm glad he does what he does -- piggy socks and all. I've seen enough data to convince me there is some truth behind his complaint.

    I always thought it was badass when these dudes made a similar protest:

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  8. I agree that it’s silly to burn or deface existing Nike merchandise in protest. Nike already has their money, so the joke’s on them. But if you believe conservatives have an exclusive on “damn joke” protesting, you’ve got a lot to learn.

    As for purchasing habits by ideology...do you have any data to back this up? I suspect that conservative parents spend billions with Nike every year on merchandise for their kids, as well as themselves.

    In the end, it’s likely that the vast majority won’t protest with their pocketbook, but publicly traded companies and their investors lose big with even small drops in sales percentage.
  9. You can discuss it. Its just that is has nothing to do with why CK is kneeling. You are trying to take away from the main idea of the protest. Its the same argument as those that respond to Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter. Yes, all lives matter but thats not the issue. Cops are killing black people and getting off free. Its ridiculous. Cops arent supposed to be judge, jury and executioner.
  10. What if these players were kneeling in hopes of attaining better treatment of veterans? Would everyone, including Trump, have a problem?
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  11. People that agree or disagree with Nike's politcal opinions are stupid yes. As for kneeling for the anthem being disrespectful, all those who didn't serve yes it's a dumbass opinion. Anyone who has and feels that way consider yourself exclused. Good or bad, I will leave to those who fought our the freedom to express our beliefs.
  12. If Trump said it was bad 99.9% would agree. Obama like cult but much worse.
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  13. So EVERYONE is stupid and only veterans can have an opinion on what we believe? I’m not sure that clears anything up.
  14. I would be shocked if their sales went down. If fact I expect they go up quite a bit
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  15. I defer to those who have a real say in which they should be offended or not. Overwhelmingly it's in favor of letting him voice his opinion . You can loathe his opinion, I don't love it myself. However people who think it's disrespectful, yeah I think it's insane except to those personally affected by the sacrifice to voice such opinions. Guess that includes those who lose love ones as well. I lost a couple relatives but a long time ago.

    The fact that 99.9% of people outraged are Trumpers says it all.
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  17. swish swish fish
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  18. You can attach that number to any divisive issue..... gun control, illegal immigration, healthcare, etc..... it’s almost always split like that and it says a TON about our country, not just one side.
  19. I certainly won't but I don't have to buy their products either. I support TCU not Nike. But my lack of support for Nike has more to do with their products than a political statement.

    I think with the platform they have, they could've chosen to send an inspirational message like the blind deep snapper at the University of Southern California who got the opportunity to make a snap and he was right on the money with it. Instead, they chose to piss everyone off. That's their decision.

    TCU chooses to use Nike, that's their decision as well and since Nike gives those uniforms to TCU as well as many other universities, it's hard to find fault with the school's decision to accept and wear them.
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  20. Hey, I’m a .1%er!

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