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Tired Arguments Thread of Death

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. The west side bowl has too many seats, +4 should be changed to +8 even if it displaces "real" fans, Ohio State deserved it's spot in the 2014 CFP, Baylor is the true Big 12 champion in 2014, black jackets do exist, the Big 12 should add BYU and Louisville, and Art Briles wasn't aware.

  2. I am curious everyone's thoughts on whether TCU should keep playing SMU every year. If this has already been discussed, I apologize.
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  3. The Baylor scandal is beacuse UT is jealous, Aggy should have been a national seed in 2015, the Big 12 doesn't play real defense, and the SEC west is the best division in football
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  4. It's is a better word than its.
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  5. "Peacefrog" is a misnomer...
    Spit Blood~~~<~< and scheiss baylor!!
  6. Dammit
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  7. While we are at it, was the picture of the crowd from the Texas Tech game photoshopped?
  8. Jews did 9/11.
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  9. should tcu have the team on the field during the national anthem and force all the players to lay down?
  10. Black is not a school color
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  11. Dwight Smith? I heard he was the best RB to ever visit USC. By the way, what's up with Mike Freeze? Is he coming back?
  12. Is it the off season already?
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  13. Snot.

  14. Too far, dude. Too far.
  15. Already got your specialty plates thread for this. :eek:
  16. We never have and still don't deserve to be in the Big XII. That distinction is reserved for real teams like Baylor and Texas Tech.

    Also, Texas A&M has a better program than us because they have a larger fan base.
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    its possessive
    it's it is
    they're they are
    there place
    their possessive
    Angelo's Railhead Heim
    alcohol in stadium only for upper crust/ for plebes and all
    no re-entry
    Frank Windegger was awesome/embarrassingly bad
    stub hub police (derivative of +4)
    program loyalty to loyal fans/ fans with cash now
    frats are important pillars of college experience/ crutches for dysfunctional awful rich kids
    Local property development should be tightly controlled/ local residents should have known what they were getting into being close to a university
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  18. corey rodgers
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  19. Which should be moved to the General Bored.....

    Should we take a pole to determine the top tired arguments to rehash during bye week?
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