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Time to fess up. How many parking tix did you (or someone you know) get while at TCU???

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. At least 20, and several from FWPD for parking at UCC. Had to cut a $150 check so I could walk during graduation.
  2. I’m good, thanks.
  3. I never got any tickets, but my horse did.
  4. Name checks out.
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  5. Col Murray
    Dean Neeb
    Waits, Sherley, Jarvis, Colby Hall, Foster
    Milton Daniel, Pete Wright, Clark, Tom Brown
    Daniel Meyer Coliseum
    The Little Gym
    The Practice Gym

    Anything ring a bell? haha
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  6. Had one from The city of Fort Worth, thought it was a TCU ticket which always was paid in the fees of tuition. Forgot about the one ticket, 3 years later, got pulled over on Christmas Eve and Arrested ! Had to pay a fine, and, insult to injury, the cop that arrested me was a girl I went to school with and she thought it was hilarious.
  7. Hold on, hold on...I know this story, I saw it on PronHub.
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  8. I was on the Citation Appeals Committee for two years. For first-time offenders, we almost routinely gave them a pass -- especially new-to-campus freshmen. Upperclassmen, who know exactly where they are and aren't allowed to park, got stricter scrutiny.

    For repeat offenders, we excused them only if there were obvious extenuating conditions like poorly marked spaces or unclear signage. This is where phone cameras come in handy. We excused quite a few violators who showed us a photo defense of a confusing parking situation. But for those who parked in fire lanes, handicap spaces, or reserved spaces? Absolutely no mercy. These were the only violators for whom we weren't predisposed to cut them some slack.

    We actually had a senior who racked up 38 unpaid violations totaling over $2,700 (parking in handicap and reserved spaces is expensive), and this guy actually had the nerve to appeal. I was looking forward to that hearing just to observe how creative his defense might be, but he didn't show up. A real shame. For a really entertaining defense, we probably would have halved his fines. I never heard whether he actually paid his parking debts and got his degree.
  9. Good thing you're retired. You couldn't work for @Pharm Frog.
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  10. If you're looking for work apparently @Pharm Frog is hiring.
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