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Time machine...

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by BrewingFrog, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. I never should have gone there. But, strangely, it just pulled me in...

    The first two hours of MTV!

  2. This is AWESOME!!
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  3. No Real World? Disappointed!

    edit: some great songs here
  4. Fake video. Everyone knows you can't have MTV without a block of Ridiculousness episodes.
  5. I’m down for some old Remote Control reruns. Maybe Sifl & Olly after a few drinks/other things.
  6. Awesome. I love early MTV trivia questions. Went down a rabbit hole on more than one occasion examining stats on the first day of MTV. I believe that Rod Stewart had 8 or 9 different songs played at a time when not many bands were making music videos. An Rod had that many available.
    My favorites were the Van Halen live versions of So This Is Love and Unchained. Still classics to this day. A version of Hear About it Later also exists, though I don't recall seeing it on MTV back in the day. I have converted all three to pretty decent quality mp3 versions and have them on my heavy rotation list for playlists.
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  7. :::::Mik Jagger voice:::::

    Too much is Not enough....

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