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Tickets at the gate?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, May 9, 2021.

  1. Were they selling tickets at the gate yesterday? Only thing my wife wants for Mother’s Day is to go the game today. Really don’t want to spend $$$$ on StubHub but if they aren’t selling walk up tickets it’s my only option.
  2. according to the other threads they’ll only sell tickets at the gate if you wear a mask and pledge allegiance to Fauci 3x
  3. That doesn’t make any sense. I assume you were trying to be funny?
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  4. they sell tickets at the gate
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  5. You should send Phormer a pm. In the "Baseball Ticket Question for TCU/UT Series" thread, he said he bought Saturday tickets but they gave him Sunday tickets by mistake. Said he can't go today.
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  6. Did that. Waiting on an answer.
  7. There will be plenty of tickets available at the gate....always is for every game....just never publicly announced until hour before game
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  8. We tried. Currently won't let me transfer them. What a crock.
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  9. Really dumb.
  10. Can we focus on the buried lede here?

    I love Peace's wife and I've never met her or him.
  11. Take a picture of the ticket and the QR code and send it to him. That's what I do.
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  12. Double like for correct spelling of lede.
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  13. Was wondering if that would work. It hadn't worked before with football tickets but that was 2 years ago. Worked with Rangers tickets a few weeks ago.
  14. My wife wants a scheissing pedicure
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  15. I’ll check my wife’s email signature for pronouns.
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  16. I'm not that talented. Strained my abs a few weeks ago while doing that...thought I was dieing. No way I could work on some toes while doing the deed.
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  17. Haha, missed a comma there (or parentheses, or whatever). I'll leave it like it is.
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  18. I am very lucky in regards to her being a die hard TCU fan.
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  19. And a woman, if that is in fact the case and that's what you're into.
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  20. I had reserved seats in 107. A friend of mine walked up and purchased GA then came and sat with us. No one bothered him and he had no problems buying a walk up ticket.
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