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This was the first mistake that I ever made....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. ... Today

    Seriously, I apologize for sending out that mass email castigating all of you for using profanity.

    I am trying to personally answer each and everyone of you who took the time to write me and I'm almost work my way through the list of 200+ emails, always asked me the same thing" why are you sending this to me"?

    I'll tell you why, because today I'm an idiot.

    So take no offense because none was meant and thank you for writing me if you haven't got your response yet, just hang on because it's coming Little while to get always written. However, since I made the mistakemi, my penance it Is to write all of you all of you and say 20 Hail gary's

    Thanks so much and sorry for the confusion. I guess I'm not the" Internet pro" that I thought I was
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  2. Think about how many emails steel got and you should feel better.
  3. I would prefer my answer hand written on embossed stationary.
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  4. Man don’t sweat it Wes. You have other fish frying in your life right now. Certainly was not a big deal to me but it is good of you to reach out to folks. Just a little Doink in the scheme of things.
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  5. You deserve it what about take me a while
  6. Wes, you can scratch me off the need to reply list. Really, I should have checked this site before I replied to your email. In fact, thanks for injecting a little humor into a rather blah day.
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  7. I do what I can but after about 200 emails showed up in my inbox, I wasn't laughing. Seriously, it was just an idiot mistake on my part and I apologize for
  8. You can ignore my reply, I sent before I saw your other thread
  9. I definitely don’t need a reply. And you shouldn’t worry about this. Things happen. If anyone is honestly bent out of shape over getting an errant message they should rethink their priorities.
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  10. Gee Wes,

    No need to fall on your sword for me.

    I think that most of this forum feels the same way.

    Now beat the darn Mustangs, Buckeyes, and the rest of the Stinking Big 12.
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  11. You got it my friend
  12. Just blame it on the tuma.
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  13. I'm just glad I sent you a polite reply...

    "What did I do?"

    But Wes, there is no reason for you to feel bad. We all make mistakes. Your PM does not affect anyone's bottom dollar or family or mental state.

    Every single person here makes mistakes in our professional lives. How we react to those mistakes speaks volumes. And you have no need to apologize. Respect is all aimed at you this evening.
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  14. I was thinking I typed a post so quickly that I didn't proofread and said something profane. lol
  15. Thank you my friend, I appreciate your saying that
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  16. No you are good to go
  17. I'm gonna send you a response now just to make it one more response you have to write
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  18. Mea Culpa
  19. Let he who has never hit the "reply all" button at the wrong time cast the first stone.
  20. Here's Wes after he realized what happened:
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