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This sounds Ominous-2020 CF Season on the Brink

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Hoosierfrog, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. What is it exactly that Republicans aren't doing that is preventing college football from being played??? I mean the average Dem would cancel college football right now if they could.
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  3. If she teaches in a urban public school there’s no way she’d share that tidbit with her peers..... she wouldn’t have a friend. Does she teach in a private school?
  4. She teaches in a public school. She has many conservative coworkers. What you know and what you think you know...... massive gap.
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  5. this is where I break with the further left Dems, I think the players can make it happen at higher levels. The younger it gets the less likely it is
  6. Putting the safety considerations debate aside, and looking at how at how disruptive the scheduling has been with the mlb, I think the scheduling logistics should there be an outbreak on several teams would be a nightmare. Unless they took a play through positives approach (which seems unlikely), I don’t logistically see how they make it through the season.
  7. Are you actually asking? Or are you already made up in your mind and just going to deny any answer I provide?

    In case you're actually asking: same-day testing all over the country, clear message from the President, earlier mask mandates, not cutting funding to the CDC, better rollout of the PPP loan instead of billions to CEOs, and providing a percentage of lost wages rather than flat UI across the country.
  8. Coach Wager 100% has a great point, the problem is these have been strictly outside, and can workout while maintaining social distancing. Once "real" football starts, locker rooms need to be used, and the game involves 22 kids all lining up, breathing, spitting, etc. all over reach other, that could be a whole different ball game.
  9. believing the experts in Feb. putting in place a plan of action in Feb. March for the whole nation.
  10. That would have led to college football.

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  11. If businesses that needed the loans actually got the loans, it would've helped the economy and not pushed us to run back into the waiting arms of a pandemic we refuse to address.
  12. You’re going to make defend trump which I prefer not to do:

    Same day testing could be enacted by all governors. If trump mandated it states would have refused because some people argue against anything he says. If you blame trump you have to blame governors.

    Clear message from Trump? Not his strong suit.

    Mask mandates - see first point above

    CDC budget cuts were proposed but the budget hasn’t been approved by Congress so no cuts have happened.

    The PPP program was administered, poorly, by the SBA. Trump wasn’t reviewing loan applications. The program recently ended with $120B still available. If companies needed it they could get it. This is something of which I am very familiar.

    Congress passes bills that involve expenditures by the government. If you didn’t like the payments to citizens then call your local representative. It was a terrible program all around.
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  13. What would loans providing lost wages do to save college football?
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  14. Fair points all around and appreciate the good discussion. I think the clear messaging from the top would've forced Congress, SBA, and other organizations that are more in the trenches to perform better. A lot of the people leading those organizations are hacks that he appointed or haven't even been approved per the Constitutional procedure.
  15. And what happens to the kids when we don't play? And since everyone likes to go with the worst case scenario on what will happen if we play, let's go to the worst case scenario on what happens to many of these kids if we don't. be honest with yourself.
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  16. Totally agree and get what you’re saying, that’s why it’s so important to take a better approach to kill this virus

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