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This sounds Ominous-2020 CF Season on the Brink

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Hoosierfrog, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. In before LVH calls you a sheep and tells you he's smarter than Dr. Fauci.
  2. The MAC isn't going to stop the Big 12 and the SEC. The season will start, I just hope we can finish it.
  3. Yea it's hard to take a report seriously that states "the MAC canceling was the clincher."

    Now that doesn't automatically mean the entire report is wrong but are we really supposed to think the MAC has any influence on anything?
  4. I was about 99% certain we were playing back in May. I'm at about 25% at best at this point.
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  5. Same. Our government's lack of action has caused my optimism to fade.
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  6. I'm honestly curious, what action by any government (Federal, State, Local) would have ensured a 2020 season?
  7. Is this a trick to get this relegated to the pit?
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  8. 1) A robust message from the leader of our country that we need to take it seriously

    2) Let governors decide mask mandates right off the bat, encourage them to do so but let them make the call

    3) A robust testing program that can allow employees and everyday people to get tested if they feel they need to do so, from back in March.

    4) More funding for online learning/return to school so districts could develop well-thought-put plans back in May, not half-assed ones being put together right now.
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  9. IMO.... nothing. I'm becoming more convinced that the season was really never gonna happen.
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  10. No trick.
  11. All state governments with D1 football teams passing legislation making it illegal to cancel college football games.

    I blame the Bush family. All of them.
  12. Sports are happening in other areas of the world because their governments handled it better.
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  13. Especially Jeb.
  14. Trump in January tried to get a travel ban from China in place but was castigated by the Democrats. Trump began his daily briefings back in March, just weeks or days after Democrats were telling people there was nothing to be concerned about. Networks stopped covering his briefings in April. Since then Fauci has done plenty on behalf of the Administration to make certain this outbreak is taken seriously. Not sure how anyone who has been following this has the impression that we don't need to take this seriously. Sure, you can make the argument that some of the restrictions have been met with forceful push back, some on Constitutional grounds, but that's hardly the same as Trump giving the impression this isn't serious.

    So far Trump has let the Governors call the shots in their state, which is something I thought he'd never do. I honestly believed back in 2016 once elected, Trump would try to consolidate power in a crisis and dictate from DC. So far he's been pretty hands off, even when faced with lawless riots.

    We lead the world in testing by a large margin (pure numbers and per capita), sure we stumbled out of the gate in March, but that's hardly something I'm going to hold over the President's head forever given the advances we've made over the last three months.

    Not sure how this one would ensure a 2020 NCAA Football Season. In fact, how do any of these four points get us to a guaranteed season?
  15. Welll....this post certainly explains a lot about why there's pretty much an echo chamber of right-wing opinions on this forum. Quite the defense of Trump you just put on there.

    Answer one question and be honest, do you think Trump stood up and was a good leader about taking this seriously and doing what it takes to defeat it?
  16. Perhaps similar actions taken by the countries on the lower end of the linked chart. Locking everyone down for a month rather than going for a few weeks while tweating to liberate the states while conducting a publicity campaign convincing their citizens the virus is a hoax and not to wear masks. (to start)

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  17. That doesn't fit the narrative being pushed on here by the Forever-Trumpers.
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  18. There is also the Endgame option where we go back in time to collect all the individual elements that made it possible for COVID to exist and destroy them before they can all come together to wipe out half of all living things in the universe.

    I can't blame this one on the Bush family though. That would obviously be silly. I blame the Kennedy family.
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  19. Banning foreign nationals is so freaking moronic...as if the virus cares what is on your passport.

    Trump — who has been criticized for painting an overly rosy picture of the outbreak, often contradicting his own health officials — insisted on Friday that his administration was “magnificently organized” and “totally prepared" to address the virus.

    "My administration has taken the most aggressive acts in history to prevent the spread in the United States," Trump said, touting his decision to ban foreign nationals recently in China from entering the U.S.

    Trump again drew a misleading comparison between the coronavirus and the seasonal flu, telling his supporters that "35,000 on average each year die from the flu, that's a lot of people."

    “So far we have lost nobody to coronavirus," Trump said, suggesting the growing global panic was due to the press being in a "hysteria mode."

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