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This kid is a turnover machine!!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogByBirth, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. I said it in another thread, but Gary would have benched Dalton after a performance like today. We need him to go back to his old ways.

    SR needs to really think about his performance and get down to business. Bad performances aren't good things, or fun things, they are lessons to be learned and build upon.
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  2. Purple shades or not, we're also only 4 games into the season. No way is that enough of a sample size to make definitive judgments about this team or any individual player.
  3. He is looking an awful lot like Casey Printers right now...
  4. Now I’m real glad we got our bowl money up front, with the game with OSU!
  5. SR is gonna be fine, but it will take the rest of this year to learn and grow.
  6. Collins has a freaking noodle arm. What was all the talk?
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  7. Recruiting issues!
  8. The skipped passes reminded me a lot of when Matt Brown came in at QB in the K-State game in 2012.
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  9. I do feel that SR has made mistakes in the last 2 games to lose the games for us. Hell, he made some in the smu game too.

    But I also feel his upside is tremendous.

    I also feel he should have been yanked earlier today. But he is the future. And if he doesn't improve on the turnovers then are others behind him or coming.

    But I will continue to root for him as long as he's out there. Hope he learns from the last 2 games.
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  10. Who are you going to yank him for?
  11. This is such a dumb thing to say. He's had one really bad half as a true sophomore.

    I know that we are all upset about the game today and we all know that SR had a really bad half of football. But how hard is it, as an adult, to have just a little bit of patience and a modicum of perspective on where he is right now. He has to get better. OBVIOUSLY. Can we maybe give the kid just a little bit more than a month as a starting QB in college to wait until we give up on him?
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  12. I think the Andy Dalton rule goes into effect... You turn the ball over.... you sit....

    We've got additional problems besides QB play. OL issues, wide receiver blocking issues, maybe punting issues now, we should of had a lockdown corner surface today for all this TCU defensive backfield preseason hype. Texas' corners looked better and that wasn't saying much. At least they poked the ball out three times.

    Gary makes the big boy money and will get this fixed. Looking like an 8-4 season now, unless they catch fire and handle OU at home. We need to tackle better and quit bouncing off runners.
  13. You can't cherry pick the boykin years though. He was rough to watch when he got starts his first two years. It wasn't until his junior year that it became fun.

    For all we know, Robinson may very well end up a monster his junior and senior seasons as well.
  14. agree with this completely. boykin's first year starting he threw 15 td's and had 10 int with a qb rating of ~125

    robinson is on a similar pace and what people continue to forget that tcu wants to run the ball more than they throw it. if the frogs are one dimensional because they can't run it effectively get ready for a long year.

    for those mentioning dalton please tell me which game as a freshman or sophomore was he asked to carry the offense?

    robinson needs to improve, but if you think he is the only thing holding back this offense i truly don't think we have been watching the same team
  15. It’s going to be a very sad season if they don’t fix these turnover issues.
  16. exactly right.
  17. I am sick of watching SR do something stupid on the field, and then going to the sidelines and smile. It is not funny. Texas's QB is a sophomore also. He did not make stupid plays. I say the Andy Dalton rule should be brought back. You turn the ball over, you sit on the bench.
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  18. Yes, in the past it use to be this way, especially with RB's fumbling. Gary doesn't seem to override Sonny because GP would bench him in the days of old. Collins? He didn't have a fair chance but still, wasn't impressed with his arm. When you short stroke the ball into the ground, your not sure of yourself at your release point which equals no confidence. Let's try and get to 8-4 with Shawn.
  19. Lets just say its going to be a rough year. My main concern is not killing this kids confidence. I think Collins needs to get the ball to make this a competition again. The only way you get a lame duck back in the saddle is putting soft pressure on him. Killing him in game time is a big killer of confidence if he isnt pulling his weight. IMO.
  20. Texas QB is now a second year starter who made a host of bone headed plays last year.
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