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This kid is a turnover machine!!

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogByBirth, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Ok. Watching North Texas rest of season.........,,
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  2. Ha ha scheiss off dude you never post unless it's negative [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] or "run the damn ball" anyway. We're better off without you.
  3. Is it bad to lose the turnover battle 4-0?
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  4. Dude do you have some weird sock fetish
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  5. Kenny was better
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  6. He throws off his back foot. No bueno. High school stuff.
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  7. This is his fifth start.
  8. 5 turnovers in two games by a QB is no bueno. I think sitting the rest of the game would have been appropriate. Let SR cool his heels before handing him back the ball next week for ISU.
  9. All day. All last week. I thought coaches took care of these things. I don't want Collins to be the man but at least he steps into his throws.
  10. I don’t give a [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]. Too much DeSoto not enough TCU
  11. Shame on Patterson for leaving Robinson in!!!
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  12. Pretty sure that was Cumbie’s call. Kid is young. Hard to win with 4 turnovers though.
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  13. I do want Collins to be the man.
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  14. I guess you miss Kenny Hill. Eat some crow
  15. Good, stay away.
  16. SR was really bad in the second half. There's no way around it. I thought the turning point in the game was that first interception. That SHOULD have been an easy pitch and catch TD. That throw was inexplicable. I have no idea how you throw the ball directly at a defender who is 20 yards in front of your receiver. It was so bad it makes me wonder if he thought the defender was actually a receiver. One of the worst throws I've ever seen.

    That said, this is NOT the time to give up on him. He's clearly got an unbelievable amount of talent. His receivers failed him big time in the first half or else we would've had a bigger lead going into halftime. He's very young and inexperienced and he played very very poorly in the second half. But the talent is there. All of the mistakes he's made are very correctable.

    Any experts out there who think he shouldn't be the QB are woefully mis-guided. Andy Dalton had a pretty rough first two years. Thank God the coaches never gave up on him. Shawn can bounce back from this. The real question is how this entire team, not just the QB, will respond mentally to two straight games that we basically gave away to the other team.
  17. In the Gameday thread I compared this season to Kenny Hill’s first.

    That’s kinda how this season feels like it’s shaping up.

    Lotta turnovers turning winnable games into losses.

    Hill wasn’t great at TCU but he did win 11 games his second season as the TCU starter and really improved his TD/INT ratio from from 2016 to 2017.

    But Hill didn’t really meet his high expectations, which is part of the reason why he was heavily criticized.

    Robinson may end up being the same.

    (One difference is TCU has better QB’s in the program than when Hill was the starter, so we’ll see how this plays out both this season and next.)
  18. I think SR should still be the starter but he needed to sit after his 3rd turnover today. Just my armchair opinion.
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  19. I think people are forgetting Boykin's 2013 season, his sophomore year, and that was with a year of experience under his belt. Does anyone remember the trainwreck that was the 1st half at Oklahoma in 2013? Or the game at Oklahoma State? Or how we put the ball on the ground against Texas(our only TD came on a throwback pass from Echols-Luper). Boykin in 2013 was a lot worse than this.
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  20. A lot of you need to take your purple shades off and look at the numbers. We are losing games at the quarterback position.

    With that said, I think Robinson is our best option. There will be some heart burn but that’s the way it goes with a sophomore QB.

    Lastly, it’s clear that a lot of folks that obviously took the Boykin years for granted. It could be a long time before we see something like that again.

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