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This is a very good young team

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. We held OU under their season average for yardage and held them under 30 points for the first time since the Army game last year. Army was able to do it by chewing up the clock, while our D got zero help from the offense.
  2. This line would be way better if Riley's was the offensive coordinator.
  3. How many years are we going to watch receivers dropping passes and QB's missing reads before people realize it IS coaching???? They aren't prepared to play in the game, and that is the coaches responsibility. It is also the coaches responsibility to find guys that can do these things listed. It's not like they just got here with the exception of Kelly.
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    I didn't say there was nothing positive. The D was better after the change. We were in position to win because of some fortuitous fumbles...but let's be honest, we were dominated and should have lost by 25. I love the 3-3-5...I loved it the last time we switched to it mid game vs Lincoln and all of the other teams we had to switch to it. We just always switch back.

    We run a boring offense every week and then try to kick it into creative mode after we're down by 14. This is not a coaching strategy...it's a: "I want to be hero" strategy.

    Being the overly controlling hero is like a manager at work that acts the same way. It only ends up one way in all cases. People end up leaving and surprise...you always have new people. Why is it that every year we're saying that we're young and THAT's why we're losing.

    No, we're losing because people have figured out that our offense is 3rd grade (65 passing yards against a bad defense!...I don't care about a few drops)...and a mobile QB will put up 30 points on this defense every time. That equates to struggling to make a bowl game every year.

    Solution? I don't know for certain, but being happy about OU playing their worst game of the year and outgaining us by 300 yards and dominating our team is a stretch. I loved having a chance to win due to some turnovers right before they score again and again...but we were dominated and I am not fooled that if we continue down this same path, then we'll have the EXACT same results I've been watching for the past three years...awful playcalling, and lots of excuses after we lose...but no actual improvements.

    BTW, someone tell me why Darius Davis and Hunt are our WR's on the last drive. The guys can't catch a cold, but Cumbie thinks they're going to help us win a game?
  5. Levels of performance varied throughout the season....some good, some not so good. In my opinion the greatest

    singular disappointment was the underachieving performance of a preseason senior dominated offensive line.
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  6. Crazy to think we’ve lost 5 of 6 by a TD or less...Oh so close
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  7. With Cumbie's offense, they weren't close.
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  8. Absolutely, kid will be a 4 year starter in a P5 conference. He ain't going anywhere.
  9. Regarding the wide receivers, if they drop a pass they need to sit. We need to have the best hands on the field.
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  10. Youth abounds in both football and basketball. How such an abundance of youth will bode in the future should prove

  11. Sounds good in theory, but we do have to put 11 guys on the field to run a play.
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  12. There is just simply no plan or course of attack with this current offense. So many fast, quick guys that can cause issues and we run Zero mesh routes, crossers, pick plays, etc. Taye Barber is pretty good on deep balls but much more lethal in the slot. Davis is a quick twitch home run hitter that is never utilized. Reagor is only used on a double reverse or a go route in hopes of a PI call. The offensive line is horrible.

    If this were some situation where SC has good concepts and scheme and there was just poor execution, I would be ok with it. But it's not. He has every tool around them and no earthly idea how to utilize anyone. We need to scrap this. Go get somebody to bring in a power running game, Get some big boys who want to be physical, and Run over people. We have 2 special backs that are both young that we cannot waste like 33 and 6. If I miss one more wedding to see us peg balls at Lynn my wife is gonna leave me
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  13. except most of those breakdowns in pass blocking involved seniors.

    those dropped passes were by experienced players as the only freshman receiver tcu has is conwright and they sat him down after 4 games.

    the defense physically got whipped at times because of the youth at linebacker and defensive end, coy struggled at times with the the ou interior defenders, but when you talk about the mental mistakes in blocking, the dropped passes, and the poor angles taken by defenders often times it was an experienced player making those mistakes.

    the frustration for me is not from mistakes made of youth, inexperience, or just being overmatched physically, but the mental ones by juniors and seniors.
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  14. two tights with a full house backfield
  15. You are what your record says you are. The Frogs are 5-6 football team and there is no such thing as moral victories. The fact so many people are taking pride in being competitive against OU/others is a testament to how far the program and expectations have dropped. Does TCU have a few good young players? Yes, they do. Will TCU turn those good players into a successful football season in future? No one knows, but the Frogs were supposed to be improved this year and they are not. The TCU program seems to be spiraling downward with a coaching staff who is unwilling to change. At 5-6 TCU is not a good team, no points are given for moral victories and it’s sad that’s where we are at, looking for moral victories in a season of uninspired play/bad coaching.
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  16. Troll
  17. agreed.
    We have a good number of Sr and Jr guys on the two deep. I don't see us being any younger than most out there.
    We are young at QB, who has to be the best player on the team.
    That said, his accuracy has been pretty bad at times. His big plays come when he has to do it on his own. So, is that the offensive line? Is it the rcvrs? If so, what will it be like next year when we are honestly young on O line and lose some key rcvrs?
  18. I'd have to stick with OLine as the bigger problem on this. We can't get touchdowns. Even when inside the 5 at times.
    We held OU to 28. Could not score more than 17 on offense. Could not get more than two touchdowns on offense. Could not score from the 1 against bu.

    This offense is just plain bad.
  19. I'm not sure a good offensive line would be very effective in this offense and I'm not sure there's a defensive coach on earth that could hide the talent deficiencies we have at DE.

    It's one thing to be not performing all that well, that's how I'd describe the O-line. On the other hand, we have some d-lineman playing that are completely overmatched physically.
  20. scheiss trolls.
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