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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Tumbleweed, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Saw today on Fox a piece with its CEO saying they've got something (vaccination) but it has to go thru testing and so forth. Maybe...possibly.. before the end of 2020. I can just image the security this company has now fearing the likes of foreign countries, world mfrg's wanting that formulary. We are talking billions of dollars income within minutes if it works with positive results. You can let your imagination fly if your a book writer on this one and movies etc.
  2. Huh?
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  3. So the Fox CEO has the vaccination? Who is that? Rupert Murdoch?
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  4. it’s top level analysis and insight that makes kfc great. just think, these are the same critical thinkers that criticize cgp every week.
  5. Whiskydude you’re back!
  6. The government can’t stop the spread of a disease but if we pay a bit more in taxes they can change the temperature of the planet to help with global warming.
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    CDC estimates there will be

    34 million cases,
    350,000 hospitalizations,
    and 20,000 deaths in US from Covid19

    ...oh wait....that’s not Covid19, that’s regular flu, .... and OH GOD that’s already happened this flu season just through February.

    Why didn’t anyone tell me so I could panic already.

    Oh...that’s about normal.
  8. Brilliant response. Really?

    You think Global Warming is an excuse to raise taxes. You're a moron on this issue and selfish as well.

    I'm in Cozumel right now Scuba Diving.

    The water temperature is 80 when for years it was 78 or 79 this time of year.

    You don't think that taking care of the environment is important for the earth?

    Do you want to leave a polluted and marginally inhabitable earth for our grandchildren?

    Cozumel has banned plastic bags in the stores. Costs nothing. We brought our shopping bags (cloth bags - reusable) with us from Texas. So now a small Mexican island will not add to the pollution floating in out oceans killing marine life.

    There are thousands of options to aid our environment and none of them have to do with taxes.
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  9. So if the water temp is 78 on March 10th next year, is global warming over??
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  11. Easy Chief. It was a joke.
  12. Might want to lay off the Xtabentun there, Froglaw...
  13. you are getting sucked in by the media. The USA is very unlikely to produce the first commercially available vaccine due to our stringent FDA testing. Israel is probably the odds-on favorite, but China isn’t far behind. Israel researchers specialize in Coronaviruses. They literally had the first vaccine prototype within hours of getting their hands on it.
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  14. Well said, McFroggin.
  15. And there you are, taking a commercial flight dumping pollution into the atmosphere so that you can hop in an taxi putting more carbon in the atmosphere all so YOU can hang out in Cozumel.

    But don't worry you brought your own bags so you don't use plastic.

    Thanks for lecturing us peasants on what we need to believe so that you and your family can jet set around mexico.

  16. I've done three pages of relatively complicated math, had my wife check my work, and she concurs with the results: I am 23.9 times more likely to die by her hands after I've done something stupid, than by this corona virus thing.

  17. So Del Conte is moonlighting, investigating Covid19? interesting......
  18. I form sentence and write good. I have thought that people must hear.
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. Commercial?
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