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The transfer portal 2019

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Not sure how we address the potential transfers in or out but thought it would be great to put it all in one place. Follow if you dare

    For 2019 the staff may have one more opening at least but may not know until May.

    Possible target(s):

    Davin Cotton DL 6-4/285 LSU. Davin is good friends with A'darius Washington and Justin Rogers and Washington orginally committed to LSU along with Cotton and Micah Baskerville on a recruiting trip together. All three played at Evangel in Shreveport. Cotton missed his SR season with injury issues and was brought along slowly by the LSU staff eventually playing in two games (so still has 4 years to play). cotton would need a waiver to play right away but those seem to be given out like beads at a Mardi Gras parade these days.

    Dominic Livingston 6-3/350 Freshman at LSU played in one game and has 4 years remaining. Originally from Houston.

    Zach Abercrumbia DL Rice 6-2/262 Abercrumbia is expected to graduate in May with one year eligibility left and could play right away without a waiver. All conference DT and looked at UT, Michigan and TCU early after announcing. UT is not expected to pursue him and he has said he will not announce until after graduating and will most likely just enroll in the program he chooses. Abercrumbia played at Dallas Skyline.

  2. Giving this thread a bump because it's not easy to track transfers. Does anyone know the transfer deadline? I couldn't even find it online. I think being active on the transfer portal will be a key part of TCU's success in the future.

    Transferring out:
    Shawn Robinson, QB - Missouri
    Andrew David, P - ?

    Transferring in:
    Alex Delton, QB - Kansas State
    Shameik Blackshear, DE - South Carolina

    We've done a good job w/ transfers since joining the B12:
    Michael Collins
    Jawuan Johnson
    Ben Banogu
    Kenny Hill
    Josh Doctson
    Aaron Green

    OU has figured it out, sign the best QB you can out of high school, but it's much easier to evaluate their NCAA performance than it is to base your evaluation on high school performance. Look at Foster Sawyer, 18th best QB in the 2014 class, wound up finishing his career at Stephen F Austin, who went 2-8 this year with him at the helm.

    Transfers are de-risked. Sure you get less time with them; but it appears to be worth it. Imagine if we hadn't landed Kenny Hill. TCU got to play for the B12 title in 2017. But, without K.Hill, we would've had Mule, Sawyer, Wooten, and true freshman Shawn Robinson under center. Any chance we get to 11 wins with any of those guys?
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  3. No, but these things don't happen in a vacuum. Had Hill not come to TCU chances are we would've landed another transfer. You never know. But nowadays you can't really project how a depth chart is going to look like until everyone is done transferring. The teams that looks like they are completely screwed at a certain position become great landing spots for grad transfers.
  4. What happens if the one and done game OU keeps playing fails?

    OU is a program built on offense and the QB position. They are one of the few programs that can play successfully in the 1 and done sandbox. We don’t have that luxury. The caliber of QB we are in the market for is completely different then OU. The grad market is tricky for us. If we miss on a 1 and done, the residual effects on the program are far more damaging then OU.

    Take this coming year....If we start out 3-3 in the first 6 with Delton at QB it could really hurt. Not only have we wasted first team reps on a guy that will be gone next year, but we will have severely stunted the growth of a young player in the process. If we are going to take a transfer I’m much more interested in either a depth/leader type or a guy who will have 2 or more to play. I just think we have to be very selective with the type of player we take in the grad transfer game.
  5. Id have to disagree with you. The results are the same. If OU had gone 3 and 3 at the beginning, they would be in the same situation as us. They might have had an advantage about 10 years ago, but kids are transferring like mad now. Your program loses as OU or TCU and you better get a good season the next year and reup your program. Simple as that.
  6. I suppose what we disagree on is the ramification of bad seasons. Down years at TCU and OU just aren’t created equal. The margin of error is smaller at TCU then OU. They can recruit their way out of poor seasons. For us momentum is a critical component consistency.
  7. Aaron Green transferred to TCU?
  8. Yes, from Nebraska.
  9. I think that was a mocking reference to the networks who thought Aaron Green's first names were Nebraska Transfer.
  10. Assuming he’s healthy and talented..... Give me the kid with 4 years left.
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  11. Cotton is interesting....was a 4star out of a really good high school program...Lot of people at the LSU site say the big issue with him is LSU is a 3-4 scheme and he’s not a space eating tackle. He apparently well liked and has huge upside that would fit GPs scheme very well...I hope we are in his ear..
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  12. Didn’t we just sign our best class ever?
  13. It is not the highest rated of the GP era but could be his most solid class from top to bottom in terms of filling needs.
  14. His point would be better illustrated if we have another down year this year. Let’s hope we don’t.
  15. I believe from Nebraska....
  16. Until 5 or 6 transfer....
  17. Knock knock. Time to wake up.
  18. even if cotton was not able to get a waiver to play right away i think he is a transfer the frogs would really have to consider going after.

    you can never have too many d-tackles on the roster, from a quality program that you have a good relationship, the 2020 class in texas right now doesn't look very good in regards to d-tackle prospects, and you have some game tape on him

    if fields can leave uga without sitting because he felt threatened even though his sister is still on the bulldog softball team i don't think it is a stretch to say davin was terrified each time coach o turned red and started screaming on the sideline
  19. Especially when it sounds like Coach O is speaking in tongues. As a god-fearing young man Cotton has to be afraid his soul would be corrupted by the devil man.
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  20. Hasn't Missouri's senior class been declared free-agents?

    Anybody there of interest?

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