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The Times West Virginian: With more than 12 teams, the Big 12 considers name change, rebrand


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With more than 12 teams, the Big 12 considers name change, rebrand​

  • By Bob Hertzel | Forc
MORGANTOWN — In this college football summer of change, the Big 12 Conference is strongly considering changing its name.

It should do it.

Whether it would be putting it in good hands by partnering it with Allstate Insurance or simply creating more mayhem in the sport as such a commercial money grab would be is arguable, but the time is right because the new Big 12 is not the old Big 12.

Read more at https://www.timeswv.com/sports/wvu_...cle_f5ce8d02-2f31-11ef-8d70-234d7552b7b1.html

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Name-change/rebranding is always a potential double-edged sword. If you do it well, it can catapult you to better recognition. Do it poorly, and you may relegate yourself to perpetual identity confusion. Witness Elon Musk's rebranding of Twitter as X -- a name that, after nearly a year, still hasn't really caught on (evidenced by almost ever news story referring to it along the lines of "X, formerly known as Twitter".

Unfortunately, in recent years the alleged marketing "experts" don't have a particularly good track record at this. Witness Bud Lite, Pepsi, Qantas, Target, Burger King, Dove soap, etc, etc, etc. Most of these weren't actual name changes, but were an attempt at image rebranding.

If the Big XII is to be renamed, it should avoid a cumbersome name (too hard to remember or refer to in colloquial speech) or a trendy name (all trends eventually pass). It should be something short, memorable, and evocative of the storied past of the Big XII, the Big 8, and the SWC.


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Potential conference names for a rebranded B12:

-We’re better than you think 16

-Goin’ South 16

-4 Corners & the Bubbas

-Far Flung 16

-Frequent Fliers 16

-Need More NIL 16

-We’re Contenders 16

-TV Markets Matter 16

-We’re Third!

-It’s Temporary…16

-Let’s Expand Again

-Strange Bedfellows

-Call Me Maybe 16

Sad attempt at humor. Stick to your day job. Go Frogs!