The Saddle Trophy

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  1. Is this something I should know about? Because I’ve never heard of it.
  2. Beats me, but then again I never heard of the Iron Skillet or the Texas Holy War.
  3. Leddy’s will unveil the saddle tomorrow at 10AM
  4. There was a trophy between the two teams long ago (1950s-1960s) but I can't remember if it was a saddle or not and apparently the trophy was lost to time. I do remember reading recently that there was a movement to start up another trophy series between the two teams, I guess this is the result.
  5. 26E6831F-0400-459F-B5B7-78E9B81D8646.jpeg

    The saddle is in the box, and those are Ryann’s new boots on top!
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  6. I hadn't either.

    Found this.

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  7. Yep, that's it, "The West Texas Championship." Believe it ended in the '70s and the trophy was somehow lost by one of the schools and they never bothered to replace it. Guess it really was a saddle going by this picture.
  8. I suppose we became west Texas around the time Fort Worth succeeded from Dallas.
  9. Anything associated with Tech is a "Rubber Game".

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  10. Fort Worth is where the West begins, says so on Amon Carter’s newspaper
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    "Royal Furgeson, president of the student body..."

    Is it possible he could he be related to? Naw, no way...

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  12. I wonder what the boots cost?
  13. Love the boots... for mrs TFTBNL, not me. I wear purple capezios on game day.
  14. Flying T! TCU will definitely [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] that trophy down!
  15. nice business expense, boss :). what leather are they made from?
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    2.5-5k. can be (EDIT: a lot) more.

    it's also not just the cost; for common folks Leddys take at least six months for a custom order. these must have been expedited.
  17. I’ll allow it
  18. It’s funny because it’s bigger than a normal hat.
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  19. I read about this about 5 years ago. Glad to see they've renewed it. It's a no brainer.
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