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The Rookie Wire: Desmond Bane believes his NBA Draft range is mid-to-late first round

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  1. The Rookie Wire: Desmond Bane believes his NBA Draft range is mid-to-late first round

    Former TCU forward Desmond Bane told Jonathan Givony of ESPN last week that his range to be selected in the NBA Draft is during the second half of the first round.

    Bane said his expected range is based on the feedback received from the 21 teams he has interviewed with during the pre-draft process. He also told ESPN that he has been training six days a week since the beginning of April in Miami, Florida.

    Read more at https://therookiewire.usatoday.com/...-nba-mock-draft-range-first-round-projection/
  2. That would be awesome.
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  3. Love Desmond but LOL
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    I think he has a chance. He certainly shoots the ball well enough.

    I thought his ball handling and lack of explosiveness would be the reasons he wouldn't get there. But, I saw a lot of improvement in his handle and he attacked close-outs last year, for the first time he's been at TCU really. I'm pulling for him. Incredibly hard worker.
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  5. I read somewhere that some draft geeks consider Desmond the best senior in the whole country. One of the Mavs guys has been touting him for more than a year. A guy who can shoot the rock like him usually find a way.
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  6. If you're athletic, can defend and make 3s then you're a valuable asset in the NBA.
  7. I’m sure Des kills it in the interviews too. I hope he has a long career in the league.
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  8. Yep. You can have a long NBA career being a '3 and D'.
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  9. I found this interesting. Lots of people seem to like Desmond.

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