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The return of Tired

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Back soon.

    New enemy. New Energy. Same old mindless blather but with a new twist
  2. Rest and recharge my friend
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  3. It's .....
  4. Tired was active back in the formative days of the Frog Fan Forum ( 1990’s ) and was a vocal proponent for TCU getting off their butts and supporting the athletic program. That meant moving away from the “ good old boy” culture that had dominated TCU athletics for decades, hiring some professionals to move the program forward and spending some money to accomplish all of this. The school finally did it and Tired had no reason to be Tired any longer, so he went away. Some probably said “good riddance”, others might say “thank God” but Tired said “ mission accomplished “

    Now there is a new and even larger target

    Should be fun
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  5. So what is the new target Wes?
  6. Tired of Frank morphed into Tired of Frank/Pat/Tucker IIRC.
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  7. Still getting this flanged up, doing some research and feeling my way through it but I think the organization which governs collegiate athletics needs some attention. I’m sure they are quaking in their boots over this but it gives me a purpose and something to do
  8. Tired of Cancer
  9. He’ll morph yet again with a new moniker
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    Boy am I tired of Cancer. Wish I could have gotten a fun disease
  11. Like Skittles pox?
  12. IMO Tired was a turning point for TCU athletics. Look forward to your thoughts.
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  13. I nominated you for sex addiction, but the waiting list...
  14. ThanksI doubt it will turn these guys around but It’ll be fun
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  15. Yeah I know. It’s the story of my life
  16. That would be more fun than this stuff
  17. Medical quiz. Most of you have heard of smallpox. What disease was known as the "great pox?"
  18. cow pox

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