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The Official Game 3 thread v. OU.


Was I supposed to type something here?
Yes. It's us against OU. The Frogs will be rooting us on.

Can anybody on here throw left-handed? Can you throw it farther than 60.5 feet? At least semi-accurately? More than a couple of times? Report to the bar at once...

Drink du Jour: Mimosas. (Mom's favorite!)

Garb: Break out the lucky shirt/pants/socks/underwear/shoes/dinner jacket. I don't give a hoot what Moose says, we need all the help we can get. In fact, go out and pour some rum in the yard. Jobu is thirsty...


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I’m ready for TCU to come out and have a dominating performance. I want us to score first. And score a lot first. No drama. No nail biter.

Too much to ask for?

Go Frogs!!!

Pharm Frog

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We need this one badly. Will be brutal in the sun today.
You’d have to think the only realistic chance to grab the #1 seed in the Big12 championship would be to win out. There’s a possibility that OSU stumbles against Tech in Stillwater and BU in Waco but not a good chance.


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scouting report: I can throw that far, but my accuracy is suspect.
garb: I'm wearing work clothes...like always. I think more people workwear.
drink: starbucks grande white chocolate mocha, light whip, light cinnamon.
forecast: spitting blood. Let's go.