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The Next Impeachment

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by DelFrog, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. What the scheiss is that
  2. I do find it amazing how some people have so much time on their hands.
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  3. Stupid
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  4. Come on, that was funny. If you didn’t see Animal House, then it might not be funny. It was silly funny. I enjoy that kind of comedy.
  5. I wouldn’t have that amount of time to do that.
  6. Saw Animal House still not funny but extremely stupid
  7. To each his own.

    I found the Hitler one with Anthony Hopkins also humorous until it was overplayed.
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  8. Harold Ramis would puke all over that trash.
  9. Republicans arguing something is "beneath the dignity" of an office is some peak-level lacking of self awareness.

    And no, it's obviously not illegal.
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  10. Come on. You have to admit some sense of decorum must be maintained within the vacuum of that room.
  11. I think the GOP lost the right to get indignant at "some sense of decorum" a long ways back. Personally, I really dislike Pelosi and disliked what she did, but that appears to be where we're at in 2020. I'm not going to buy in to pearl clutching from Republicans over manners and respect considering who sits in the Oval Office.

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