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The New Nike shoes: not that bad

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. I have never purchased a pair of the TCU Nikes. I might this year.

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  2. Do they give you blisters?

    Too soon?
  3. no but they slip on turf - all types of turf...
  4. Only when walking in them.
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  5. They do look pretty cool but if they aren't comfy and functional, then no
  6. OK looking, but the video was sort of vomit inducing. Glad I don't have epilepsy.
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  7. Didn't watch the video.

    Steel has found that usually gimmick shoes like this aren't worth a darn functionally, which is about all Steel cares about.
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  8. Walking for miles in the hot sun in the polluted atmosphere of DC!
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  9. DC sucks! Steel would never go there!
  10. And he certainly would not be welcomed!
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  11. Nice use of red
  12. Very much like and will buy.
  13. I like them.
  14. Those are awful. Like wouldn’t wear them if they were free type awful.
  15. You people are morons. Lemmings. How can you know if you want them without trying them on? It's only a small % of shoes that fit Steel right, so chances are these do not, so why would Steel buy them?
  16. How much do shoes like that cost?
  17. This is equally dumb; if they fit great, they should be bought, regardless of how putrid they may look. Image be damned!
  18. Nicest ones so far. Too bad Nike sold its soul to the SJW cabal....aka The Fourth Reich.
  19. I am a fan of Asics (Nimbus model).
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