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The Harris/Biden Administration: Coming Together to Build Back Better

You are way too insulated. This stuff, including Drag Queen shows highly sexualized for kids under 10, is happening in every community in America right now. Not just in NYC, LA or San Francisco, but places like Waco and other small towns all over the country.

But if you object, they label you a bigot and a homophobe, and in some cases, a domestic terrorist. And now they've made up a new tactic to silence anybody who disagrees -- stochastic terrorism. Anybody who now objects to even the most heinous examples of sexualization of children or any kind of transgender indoctrination is now being accused of being responsible for ANY acts of violence against the LGBTQ+ community.

This is sick and it's real. It has nothing to do with any civil or human rights -- it has everything to do with gaining power by destroying people's lives because they won't bend the knee to the most scheissed up [ Finebaum ] liberals have ever tried to mainstream.
I'm definitely not insulated, lol. Anyone with teenagers gets curveballs thrown at them left and right. In that regard, my experience with mine is that any "indoctrination" of young people is happening mostly online and from friends. They have unprecedented access to lots of views and perspectives that we didn't have as kids. The media and school "indoctrination" concerns are head fakes. It's mostly online exposure that is driving their worldviews these days. Just my experience from three current and recent teenagers.



some really strange numbers are coming out of all of this

friend who writes personal lines insurance told a story about a woman who is shopping her home insurance and this friend quoted it for her

house is located in ne harris county in one of those pockets on unincorporated area , ~ 15 years old, brick on 3 sides, 4,400 sq feet

harris county appraised it at $330,000 a year ago and i think they have yet to provide the new appraisal, a realtor said the house where it is located may bring $225,000, but the best is the insurance companies say it would cost over $700,000 to build that house today and none of them would insure for under that amount

very much realize there is a difference between what the market would pay, replacement cost, and value of the dwelling and the land, heck we are having a rough time with commercial properties in the same manner, but i can't ever recall this big a spread in every direction in these sets of numbers


the phrase "I mean, look. I've had a bad month" might be one of THE all time understatements

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I’ve been married for over 20 years. If we got divorced, there’s no way I’d get married again.

We had a friend who kept getting divorced and remarried. After the second I refused to go to anymore weddings. It was ridiculous.
Literally told a friend a few years ago that I would be out of town and couldn’t make his (third) wedding, but would definitely be there for his next one.

What’s the point?

I definitely prefer DeSantis over Trump.

However, are college graduates a larger part of the electorate?

I think the implication is that College Graduates are smarter than people without degrees.

I definitely don’t think that’s the case.
It is a pretty common demographic breakdown with polling and not meant to mean anything other than Trump is having trouble with GOP voters with college degrees right now. Actually a lot of trouble. That's a huge favorable-unfavorable split relative to DeSantis.